Truce. In praise of our Houston Rockets.

So if the Rockets were in the East, they would have the sixth seed and be facing Atlanta in the playoffs in the first round. We could take them...and considering that they are really tanking these days we could even end up in the 5th seed when it is all said and done.

We also have a better record than the "star-studded" NY Knicks.  Despite my admiration for Chauncey,and the fact that I have come to respect the maturity that Amare has shown since going to NYC, I really despise everything else about that organization.  The owner sucks the most...a true spoiled brat idiot who never had to work for a dollar of the millions his dad made for him.  I despise their non-defense playing coach even more.  Amare and Melo don't really care about winning a championship as they care about being paid big bucks on Broadway.  So I will stop my NYC rant now.  We are just better than their spoiled brat asses.

And here we are today and David West of NO blew out his knee.  That sucks for him...I don't wish that on anyway, but at least it gives us hopefully two teams to gun for in the final games of the season to make the playoffs.  Things may work out after all.

So lets all bury the hatched on TWill's lack of playing time (RA's vendetta against him or maybe he just really sucks), and forget there ever was a debate on Lowry vs AB (we now have what we have...and he's playing fucking awesome), and just cheer for the Rocekts.

Lowry is playing at allstar level, Hayes had a triple double, Bud picked up some minimal defensive skills somewhere, and we may yet suprise people into the playoffs.

I actually hope we face LA and not SA in the first round. We play well against LA...always giving them fits, and I like SA enough to not care if they end up winning it all.  (but i am fucking sick of seeing Derek's Fischer's slow and lame ass getting rings on Kobe and Gasol's back). 

So good luck to all in Rockets Nation and hopefully I can organize some first round watching parties at a sports bar in Austin very soon.

ps...TWill still sucks though.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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