Who I think we should draft if available at our spots

Since our season is officially over I think it's time to look ahead to the draft. People are saying this is a weak draft but I disagree. This draft doesn't have a bona fide #1 pick but it is deep and balanced. This is, in my opinion, the year to draft foreigners and stash them overseas because of the looming lockout. This draft is also deep with front court players which we need.  The following is a group of players I think we should draft and how they could help.

With our 14th pick:

We are drafting at #14, I guarantee it. One guy that is currently falling in the draft and could fall to us is Terrence Jones, a SF/PF out of Kentucky. He's long and athletic and is a good defender. He also has a nice handle for a man his size (6'8, 244lbs). His offensive game is good but not great. He can drive, dish, and shoot at a decent rate. He is also a good rebounder. He is a cross between Ron Artest and Lamar Odom. He's got an attitude problem but it's nothing major.

Another SF that I think we could nab at #14 is Kawhi Leonard of San Diego State. He is an active SF with long arms and a heart for defense. He is great out on the break with his athleticism. Has a nice fadeaway jumper when posting up. He is Gerald Wallace 2.0. His defense is where he will make his money in the NBA but his offense would look good in the right system.

As some of you guys already know Kemba Walker is my favorite player in this years draft. For some reason guys have him going in the late lottery but that's fine because we can pick him up. Think Tim Hardaway. He is a 6'1 PG who is a great leader as evidence to him leading UConn to an improbable National Title. He has it all on offense. He can shoot from all areas, great passer, underrated rebounder for a PG, and underrated defender. In certain situations he can even play the off guard position and play it well. His leadership is second to none in this draft. I know we don't "need" him but we didn't "need" Patrick Patterson last year either. I think in the lotter you should always take the best player available and if Kemba falls to us then I take him no questions asked.

Pick # 23 via Phoenix via Orlando:

PG/SG Nolan Smith from Duke is going to be a good back up on a good team. Good defender and a high character guy in the locker room. Good jumpshooter off the dribble and is an ok passer. He is really an undersized SG but isn't very good without the ball so he may be better used playing the point. My NBA comparison for him is a guard version of Shane Battier. His best qualities are his character and his leadership.

Here's an interesting prospect. Bismack Biyambo is a center out of the Congo. I don't know much about the kid but from what I have read he is a project. He may be 6'9 but his wing span is 7'7! He has gorilla arms! He's a super athlete who makes his mark on the defensive end. He can really close down the lane with his shot blocking ability. His offensive game is really getting highlight reel put back dunks at the moment. He has no go to post moves yet but is athleticism has NBA scouts drooling. He is still a work in progress. Think Ben Wallace 2.0.

I really like Jajaun Johnson out of Purdue. He's a versatile PF who can play inside and out. He's a plus athlete and good defender who uses his length and athleticism well. Also a shot blocker. He has improved his offensive game from his freshman to senior seasons. He has now developed 3pt range. I think he has more potential than people give him credit for. He's a taller and better Hakim Warrick.

Last but not least here is my dark horse for a player that could be very good in the draft. Jeremy Tyler is a 6'10 245lb PF/C currently playing pro in Japan. If you can remember, he was the #1 junior in the country a few years back and he elected to fore go his Senior year in high school to take the Brandon Jennings route to the NBA. I've seen some film from him and he is very fundamentally sound on both ends. He gets the ball and he knows what to do with it immediately. Defensively he moves his feet and he seems to be a good shot blocker. Like I said, I haven't seen much of him but from the little I have seen He looks to be a version of Andrew Bynum.       

So those are the guys I think we should be looking at come draft day. If you think I missed anyone then go ahead and fill it in in a comment. As you can see, I think our front line should be bolstered during this draft. But look out for the guys I named because I think they could all do some good things in the NBA.


No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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