change for the better

this is my first time to post. a newbie not from USA. i'm a houston rockets fan since tmac was here and when he left i still love this team because what i love about basketball can be shown in this team- play with heart and grit. tmac was one of my favorite players but he was only a shadow of his former self. i would rather see a player not talented as him but plays hard every game,this is the houston rockets. 

HAYES-he should play PF but the team needs him to play at C. Although he is tremendously undersized for his position, i can say that he tries every game. in the perfect world, he should be defending at opponents scoring PF to shut them down. i can foresee him as the next Dennis Rodman at PF, willing to sacrifice his body in every loose balls, lock down defender, and an energy guy. He developed his role as described above. i never knew he would get a triple double in a game until i saw the news. that's really telling of his potential. i vividly see him as the next starting PF in a playoff team, in this case, would get the nod over scola because of scola's lack of defense.

SCOLA=i like his offense but his defense is suspect. he is the Argentinian's pride, a world class basketball player.  i suggest to limit his minutes in end games because it is telling in the other teams turnabout. the way Rick Adelman played him, he was spending a lot of minutes that look him low in energy and gassed in stretches. i don't want to see another winnable game to be suddenly slipping into other teams side. i also suggest to bench him at several games because this team knows their roles and they trust each other. it would be beneficial in a way that he will be rested therefore will be seen his beasty game with full of energy.

BUDINGER=ever since he was promoted in starting lineup, i was jumping in joy for i knew he's really an offensive juggernaut. I suggest to continue to develop his defense as his ceiling is not yet reached. i trust this guy to be a starter but he should be playing a little less minutes because Houston Rockets has the players to play a full 42 game with full of energy through out. i also suggest that Patrick Patterson should at times play in this position when the opposing opponent is tearing up inside. when another opponent is should lights out at outside the arc, i believe Courtney Lee can also play in this position. I just don't know Marquis Blakely but he should also be given playing time because all players in this team has undoubtedly possessing great talent.

MARTIN=good percentages at three, unbelievable at free throw line, great offensive arsenal by the team. He finishes some games at the end with good results. sometimes, i believe he is spending too much minutes that instead be given to Courtney Lee. I suggest Courtney Lee should be, at times, be given the starting SG primarily because of his reliable defense. Actually, Scola and Martin are great assets for a trade like in much coveted Center position. i trust Lee a lot i know that he should also be a great SG in playoff teams like the Chicago Bulls

LOWRY=i cannot say a lot more about this favorite player of mine. even before he was promoted to be the starting point guard i already suggested that he should be the starter. Aaron Brooks played good O but bad D. I like the way he attacks the basket like a bulldog. I foresee him as the next Deron Williams in terms of his power at PG, reliability, communication and leader at the point. A well rested Kyle Lowry would equal Deron Williams especially at end games. He's developing his clutch games at ending the game which is pretty good.

DRAGIC=Goran's a triple double man at point guard. He's all over the place and playing heads up basketball. I suggest he should at times be given time at SG because this team strengths are in guard position. the next coach, i hope he should be given more minutes.

LEE=i already pointed out his game. a must-have in every team. a starter to be?

PATTERSON=he's young, athletic, mature, knows how to contribute in a team. I believe in his defense though some are goal tending but I suggest to do it more to have an inside presence. I foresee him as the next Paul Millsap. definitely better player than Carl Landry

HILL=great developing offensive game but at times seems lost. have to develop to be tougher and to dominate inside. he should rebound the ball more for his size.

MILLER=also great in O but i don't know in D. Rick Adelman knows this player and this is Adelman's go-to guy. In a playoff bound team, defense emphansizes offense. the team is 22 in defense and it should be the priority for a change in the future. 

BLAKELY=please give this guy minutes. i don't know his game.

COUSIN=he is in NBDL, should be given the chance in NBA. i just know he's tall and an inside presence perhaps?

THABEET=play him in the NBA. he's better than Dikembe Mutombo before Deke's suffered a career-ending injury. this guy has defense and a developing offense. play him more so that he won't be lost in games. he should be given trust to play and in order to grow as a player.

WILLIAMS=i'm one of the fans telling Rick to free him. we know his potential but i just don't know why he didn't play. the next coach should free him at last. so long Rick, all your contributions are well-appreciated.

as for the next coach, my vote is for the one who contributed in spurs defense, sounds like Buldozer? that's my two cents, i'm not a coach but i know how to play basketball. this team needs fresher legs everytime to pressure the ball and a run-an-gun style. lastly, i believe in the saying "Defense wins Championships" and a better way to achieve this is to hire a defenseve-minded,well-respected,well-motivated coach. it doesn't matter his age may be but a winning mentality is a must and he should never be afraid to take risks because life is all about risks.

thanks for reading!

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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