2011 NBA Draft Profile: Tristan Thompson

Alright, since scouting reports are being done on different players, I'll do one on Tristan Thompson, the 6'9" PF/C from UT.

Draft projection: Late lottery

NBA comparison: Serge Ibaka/Tyrus Thomas


  • Great athleticism
  • Blocks shots
  • Plays great defense
  • Runs the floor well, and hustles
  • Decent offensive game that can improve
  • NBA ready body
  • Good wingspan
  • Active rebounder
  • Terrific offensive rebounder


  • Raw offensively
  • Relatively undersized
  • Poor FT shooter
  • Fundamentals might be a tad bit shaky, but are coachable

So those are the general things on Thompson. After the jump, I'll go into more detail.

Thompson's biggest strength is his defense. He blocks shots, he rebounds, and he is solid on post defense.

He brings what we lack, a legitimate shot blocker. Biyombo is a better shot blocker, but he's not worth trading up for.

Adding Thompson to the frontcourt of Patrick Patterson and Jordan Hill will significantly upgrade our athleticism. Thompson might be the best athlete of the three, and like Patterson, he plays bigger than his height.

Thompson would fit in with our team very well. He's another active, athletic body inside who can be a legitimate shot blocker.

One of Thompson's advantages over Biyombo is that he has a decent offensive game right now that can be improved into a good one. Biyombo does not have good touch like Thompson does, as such Biyombo doesn't have as much upside on offense. Another thing that makes Thompson more attractive is that he may not be done growing yet. He's grown an inch while playing at UT, and I'd like to think he could grow at least one more inch. Height isn't that big of a difference when talking about an inch or two, but it helps.

It's a really tough call for me on whether or not to stay at 14 and take Thompson or trade up to 7 and take Biyombo. I'm leaning towards staying at 14 and taking Thompson, because he's more proven than Biyombo is. This is all based on Thompson falling to 14. That may not happen, considering guys like Ekpe Udoh were reached for last year. Biyombo is very interesting player. He's not a risky pick like Thabeet was a couple of years ago, but he's not necessarily a sure thing.

Sorry for the lack of analysis of Thomspon. I have a decent amount, but compared to some other posts on players, it's not that much. Thompson doesn't have that much film on the internet, so it's tough remembering specifics about a player you watched months ago. I also don't like to take stuff from draftexpress or ESPN. I mainly remember the things that stood out about him.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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