Enes Kanter 2011 NBA Draft Profile

For my first draft profile, I looked at Enes Kanter. Let's see what I think about him and how I think he'd look in a Rockets uniform. 

Check it out after the jump!


Draft Projection: Top 5


  • Talented center who can do it all offensively
  • Extremely fundamentally sound player
  • Developing post game with a Luis Scola-like craft
  • Tough, hulking center
  • Dominated top prospects at Nike Hoop Summit in 2010
  • NBA Ready
  • HE'S A CENTER!!!


  • At 6'10", he'd be giving up a couple of inches every night to opposing centers
  • Hasn't played competitively in nearly a year due to eligibility issues
  • Is not the swiftest of feet
  • Needs a little more focus defensively

With the Rockets presumably drafting at 14, getting a guy like Enes Kanter would likely necessitate a trade up. However, given Daryl Morey's propensity for moving around in the draft, a move up to the third spot or so in the draft that it would take to get him would not be a shock, especially with the Rockets' inability to secure a legitimate center over the last few years to replace Yao Ming.

Standing at 6'10", Kanter lacks the ideal height for an NBA center and does not make up for it with elite athleticism. With that said, his long reach and huge body makes calling him undersized like calling Ron Artest undersized. Simply put, he's a big man and should have no problem with the physical game in the NBA.

Outside of his relatively short stature and lack of athleticism, Kanter is an absolute slam dunk. He's extremely crafty in the post, can shoot the mid-range jumper with ease, and even flashed a nascent three point shot in the last few years. At just 18 (he'll be 19 by the time of the draft), Kanter is already an extremely polished product and will contribute from day one.

While he hasn't logged a minute of competitive basketball in nearly a year, he's flashed enough in the time he had in front of scouts to make them believers. Watching him dominate fellow top prospects Jared Sullinger and Patric Young certainly made his case that he could be the top player in this draft.

He likely will not be a star, but he will be a solid center who has potential to be one of the four or five best players in the league at that position. With time, he could develop into an Al Jefferson type player or better. While the price the Rockets would have to pay might give them pause, in all likelihood Kanter would be worth every penny they pay.

Yes, it would mean that we'd be seeing less of Chuck Hayes, but getting the chance to draft a player who could hold down the middle for 10-15 years would be tremendously valuable.

So, let me know Dream Shakers what you think of Enes Kanter. Is he not athletic enough to be a legit center? Will he be just another stiff from Europe? Feel free to comment and give me your feedback.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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