Defending Terrence Williams

This topic has been discussed over and over on here, but I want to see everyone's take on Terrence Williams.

Here's my opinion on T-Will:

The Rockets are currently rebuilding. While I think they are doing the process no justice by holding onto Martin and Scola, Morey did some dealing this past year to net us some good, young talent.

One of those deals was sending a lottery-protected first round pick to the New Jersey Nets in exchange for Terrence Williams. A fan-favorite amongst Nets fans, T-Will didn't see consistent time on the court with the Nets, partly because his attitude wasn't right, and partly because Avery Johnson was being his usual stubborn self.

Due to the two constantly butting heads, T-Will was traded to Houston.

Williams is a very flashy player. He throws down some nice dunks, and he makes some incredibly athletic plays. Fortunately for us, he's not Gerald Green. Unlike Green (who was also a top notch athlete), T-Will has an impressive skillset. He's got excellent vision, and terrific passing skills. While passing may be his best skill, he's very hard to stop if he commits to driving to the hoop. That's one of his problems, though. Getting him to drive to the hoop. In his limited time on the court for the Rockets this year, Williams pulled up quite a few times. While his shot looks good, it doesn't go in that much. The only positive I realized was that the majority of his jumpshots were relatively open, so it's not like he's taking contested jumpers.

T-Will's main problem is his attitude. Granted, it hasn't been as bad as it was in New Jersey, but at the same time, it's not as good as it could be. During some garbage time minutes in a game, he did nothing but pull up, and only attacked the basket maybe once. I tweeted him after the game and asked why he wasn't being more aggressive. His response: "I'm not going to risk getting injured in garbage time" (not the exact quote, but this is pretty much what he said). That was definitely a facepalm moment for me. Nevertheless, when he attacks the basket, he's very hard to guard. I remember watching one game where the Rockets were getting their asses kicked, so T-Will got a good seven or eight minutes of playing time. During those seven or eight minutes, he was aggressive. On top of being a great athlete and a good passer, he's got some good ball handling skills. Again, flashy stuff, but it doesn't hurt to have a skill like that. Anyway, he was in an iso (yes, I know he was always in an iso in garbage time), he then sized up his opponent, and then he just blows by him and finishes at the basket for a nice and-1. There were multiple occasions in the game where he attacked the basket, and he consistently got into the lane and drew a foul. I don't remember who the Rockets were playing that game, as it was many months ago, but I vividly remember how he played. 

Another example is his debut against Portland (Funny how I remember this one). He made some really nice passes, and could have had five or six assists in just 7 minutes, but he was playing with Jared Jeffries and all of the other scrubs who could not hit a layup (Sadly, Courtney Lee and Patrick Patterson both missed point-blank shots after getting good passes from T-Will).

So, T-Will definitely has all of the skills to be a playmaker, but he has to prove himself first. The only way of doing that, in my opinion, is doing it in games, not necessarily in practice. One can make the argument saying T-Will didn't crack the rotation this year because he didn't practice hard, but I know that wasn't the case. Rick Adelman is a notoriously stubborn coach, and I remember him saying that without a full off-season to evaluate the guys they traded for, it would be hard to give them playing time. One can also say Carl Landry and Patterson cracked his rotation in their rookie years, but again, they had a full-offseason with Rick (I'm stressing this off-season stuff because Adelman did).

T-Will also has the ability to play off of the ball. With his quickness, strength, and athleticism, he can get by just about anyone by cutting to the basket. While he only did this maybe four or five times total last season, he decisively got by his man every time. Doesn't mean he got passed to, though.

We don't have enough to properly evaluate him. He didn't play his hardest in garbage time (Which I don't 100% blame him for that), so it's tough to judge if he was actually trying or not. At times, it looked like he was, but most times he wasn't. Hopefully, he'll play hard if when he gets actual playing time.

To me, T-Will has the highest ceiling of anyone on the team. When he finally develops a jumper, he'll be tough to stop. If you add a reliable jumpshot to a player who plays good defense, passes the ball extremely well, and finishes at the rim with the best of them, you got a hell of a player.

To sum up the post, T-Will has all the ability in the world, he just needs to be given a chance. The next time there's an NBA season, whether that's this year or next year, will show if he's for real.

(Cue the "He could have proven himself in practice!" comments)

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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