Eurobasket 2011: Day 5

Back to full action today, and I'm sorry for being so late with reports. I'm gonna be short, and say a little for every game.


  • Great Britain 85 - 73 Portugal: In the battle of unlucky teams of Group A Great Britain came out on top, thanks to 31 points by Luol Deng (also had 10 rebounds). This was the first ever victory for Great Britain in all major international competitions.
  • Israel 91 - 88 Latvia: Israel played with fire, and despite finally getting a big game out of Eliyahu (26/10) let Latvia get too close. The Baltic guys had their chance, but Strelnieks missed his second free throw, and Latvia fouled again. The hail-Mary-three pointer didn't fall.
  • FYROM 72 - 70 Finland: FYROM became the first team to advance, beating Finland in a thriller of a game. Finland was once again focused and deadly from three-point land, but failed to make a basket in the closing seconds. It was then that captain Pero Antic came up big with two defensive rebounds.
  • Georgia 69 - 53 Ukraine: Georgia won thanks to superior play from their guards (of all things), as well as the Ukranians' inability to score in the last 4 minutes.
Ongoing matches:
  • Poland - Turkey: the game seems to be close, with Turkey currently on top, after Poland had led for much of the first half.
  • Italy vs France: a budding surprise, with Italy currently up 8, and Tony Parker at a meager 7 points (after three quarters of play). Italy is finally getting meaningful contributions from its big three, with Bargnani carrying them through the first half, Gallinari picking it up in the third quarter and Belinelli going 4-5 from deep in the first half (he missed three tries in the third). There seems to hope for Italy yet.
  • Montenegro vs Greece: after a sub-par performance against FYROM, Greece is with their backs against the wall. Either win here today or stake it all on the final game against (desperate) Croatia. Montenegro, on the other hand, are in an even worse situation.
  • Bulgaria vs Russia: Kirilenko already has 13 points, and is getting enough help from Mozgov and Fridzon. Russia was never seriously challenged up to now against Bulgaria, and it'll probably stay like this.
Following Games:
  • Lithuania vs Spain: watch this. Just watch. I think that Spain will win though.
  • Germany vs Serbia: recommended to watch as well. If Germany's energy level against France was their best, I doubt they'll contend today, but then again, I believe they can do better.
  • Bosnia & Herzegobina vs Croatia: this game will make the situation in Group C a lot clearer. I'd skip the game though.
  • Belgium vs Slovenia: Belgium is out of competition, and they'll lose, unless playing for pride is a greater motivation..
sorry for the length of the post, gotta watch the game^^

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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