Eurobasket 2011: Round 2

Hello there.

I've been afk for the last two days, and am just catching up, but I feel I got to give you this update: Eurobasket 2011 has just moved to the second stage, and after the first round of pool play we get another round of pool play, which will, in turn, trim the competitors' numbers to the final eight. Two large groups of 6 are formed; each team has 3 games to play. Results are carried on (teams from the same group are not forced to play against one another once more - the results are the same from round 1). Here come the initial positions in the groups as well as an update - since we had some games today. After the jump, of course.

So, Group A and B survivors were merged into Group E, and Groups C and D into Group F. Here's a brief reminder:

Group E


  1. France
  2. Spain
  3. Lithuania
  4. Serbia
  5. Turkey
  6. Germany
France: first and unbeaten - up to now. They survived their fair share of scares in the first round. Spain: had some impressive play, was beaten by Turkey while resting Gasol the elder. Lithuania: the hosts have another round of pool play to prepare themselves for the knockout showdown Serbia: had an easy time getting out of their group Turkey: managed to drop one to Poland; then beat indifferent Spain to advance. Germany: did the bare minimum  to advance. Nowitzki is catching up with Nikos Galis for the all-time first place in scoring at Eurobaskets.

UPDATE: France stayed perfect, beating Turkey and survivng a late rally. What's more important, they lost Gelabale, their only remaining reliable perimeter threat. They'll be easier t beat without him. While not impressive, and riding Parker once again, the French did just enough, and are practically guaranteed a spot in the next round.

Serbia 90 - 100 Lithuania: the hosts became the first team to reach the 100 point barrier, and did so in style, beating a good Serbia team. What's more surprising, the Lithuanians are incredibly efficient in their scoring, and lead competition in 3-point shots made, attempted, FG%, 3P FG% and assists (nearly 20 per game). It's really impressive, and they can only hope to keep it up.

Germany succumbed to vastly superior Spain, which got 24 points from the younger Gasol (and 19 from the elder, all in the 2nd half). Germany came close in the last minutes, but a TO by Hammann and the ensuing fast-break gave an end to this.


Group F

  1. Russia
  2. FYROM
  3. Greece
  4. Slovenia
  5. Georgia
  6. Finland
Russia is perfect, and stayed so with clutch production from Kirilenko. Remains to be seen how menacing the rest of the team can be now that they got a star to carry them through long droughts. FYROM suprised Greece, and got stellar play from Bo McCalebb throughout pool play. Can they keep up against qualitatively better teams than Finland or Bosnia & Herzegobina? And I'm not talking about Georgia. Greece survived said upset from FYROM and beat Croatia in heart-breaking matter. This team likes drama. Slovenia hold a grudge against Greece - last two times the teams met, Slovenia lost 62-63 after surrendering big leads. If Dragic manages to shoot better than me from 3-point land (he's a 1-19), then maybe they'll get better placement. Georgia: Little to no dimension in their play - time and time again they just feed their bigs. Should something go wrong with that, they're doomed. Finland: Happy-go-lucky Finland got through thanks to a tie-break and their win against Bosnia. They're cannon fodder here.
All in all, Georgia and Finland stay out - and it's up to Russia to stay first.

UPDATE: Georgia 63 - 65 FYROM: another amazing performance by Bo McCalebb, who had another groovy night. Finished with 27 points and the winning play. Georgia even lost Pachulia to injury - even Finland is better now.

Finland 60 - 79 Russia: slow game, no pressure for the Russians, who had an easy first night in the 2nd round.

Greece 69 - 60 Slovenia: The match was much, much closer than the score indicates. After a strong 2nd quarter Greece started falling apart, and it was clutch shooting from downtown that saved the day in the fourth. Slovenia was miserable from deep, but compensated with physical play in the offense, earning double the foul shots. In the end it was too much Nikos Zisis.


That's all for today, more to come tomorrow - maybe even a preview.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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