This Is A Fake Trade.

This is my first posting to TDS, but I've been following the site for a while. Here is a possible three way trade between the Rockets, Lakers, and Magic. I hope you find it amusing.

Trade Link:

Rockets 2012 Roster Post Trade:






Why the Rockets Do It:

According to Hollinger, we dramatically increase our win total with this trade.

While Turkoglu and Gasol are on the downslope of their careers, they still remain long and incredibly skilled big men whose drop offs may not fully realize themselves before their (admittedly expensive) contracts expire in 3 years.

I’m wary of Turkoglu, but he is once again playing well with a PER of 17.7. At any rate, replacing Scola (also declining and expensive) and Thabeet (expensive for no production whatsoever) with Turkoglu and Gasol is unquestionably an upgrade to our frontline.

We immediately contend with a roster that goes 2 deep or better at every position (assuming Hill and TWill can prove themselves to be adequate in backup roles; if not, Patterson and Budinger can take their minutes).

Dalembert will man the middle. Gasol will score and command double teams. Turkoglu will act as another facilitator for the offense (his liability on defense can be covered by up by Dalembert and Gasol). Lee will play speedy defense. Lowry will continue to be his awesome self.

After the season is over, we let TWill, Flynn, and Hill walk, saving 8.7 mill in salaries. We then use our picks in a seemingly loaded draft to further improve our roster and stay in contention. Add Morris and D-Motie into the mix and our future looks bright.

I know that many will hesitate to part with Martin and his efficient scoring, but let’s look at the whole picture. A backcourt of Lowry and Lee is much better defensively, and Martin’s offense will be replaced as his shots are divided up among the team.

Also, if Turkoglu begins to suck again, we amnesty him. We don’t have to spend to replace him since we’re deep at the SF position anyway.

Lakers 2012 Roster Post Trade:



Barnes/World Peace/Walton



Why the Lakers Do It:


Hollinger predicts that this trade positively affects their win total, while shedding about 7 million in salary.

After the trade, the team can amnesty either World Peace or Luke Walton for further luxury tax savings.

Using Lamar Odom’s trade exemption, they can also continue looking for a serviceable PG and keep their window of contention open.

Magic 2012 Roster Post Trade:



J-Rich/Q. Richardson



Why the Magic Do It:

According to Hollinger, this trade negatively affects their win total. However, you don’t lose the NBA’s best center (3x Defensive Player of the Year) without facing some sort of drop off.

Howard is gone after this season anyway. Getting the next best center in the NBA and a proven scorer in Kevin Martin is not a bad consolation prize. Did I mention that you also shed your team’s worst contract (Turkoglu) in the deal?

Thabeet is a throw in to make the salaries work, but the Magic do need a back up C. Maybe Patrick Ewing and Stan Van Gundy can make something of him (doubtful), or the Magic can simply let his contract come off the books at the end of the season.

At any rate, this is still a very competitive team and a shoe-in for the playoffs in the weak East.

I did my best to create a scenario that doesn’t insult any of the teams or their fans. Can anyone see why this trade wouldn’t work? Is there a flaw in my logic or something I’m not seeing?

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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