A future with Taj Gibson?

Why Taj Gibson?

in order to field a good team it's important to have great 2 and surround them with great players. If either Lin or Asik pans out, we've got that. If they all pan out, we've got 3 great players. Harden is a sure thing. You'll have to trust me. I come from the future.

If this is the case, the only position that has iffy players will be the position where we HAVE the most assets.

Power Forward.

Now if we use spotrac, we can grab a list of all the available agents.

Now if you are lazy, i can tell you that the only ppl with great stats are Josh Smith and Taj Gibson. The Hawks aren't going to trade Josh Smith. And they've got the cap space to fight anyone off him.

Taj is different. The Bulls can't afford Taj. They've got boozer, deng, noah, and rose with massive contracts. Taj is going to be picked off them like fruit off a...fruit tree. Now if we want Taj to get traded to us this year, we can't offer picks. We'd have to give them something they desperately want. We grab Boozer.

Hear me out. Chicago amnesties Boozer with the full understanding that we're going to pick him up. Chicago's owner is a cheaparse, remember. We take a bit of Boozer's hefty contract, Chicago goes below the lux tax line and we get Taj Gibson.

We have a little bit of money left over to deal with whatever gambles didn't work out.

Face it, chris paul and howard aren't going to come over to the Rockets. With the harden trade, the lakers are going to do very well--that'll keep howard happy. Chris Paul is extremely happy with Blake Griffin--so would i, griffin's jumper is now sweeter than a...sweet tree.

There is nothing we want that we can have in free agency for these two years that we have a high chance of winning in the open market.

Taj is the best option.

Lin, Harden, Parsons, Taj, Asik


secondary maneuver

If we can get Taj at a competitive price, it'd be interesting if we can parlay him to the Bucks for Mbah ah moute and a draft pick. (i'm serious about getting a lockdown defender)

*Unlike the Harden move, I'm unsure about this.

We could very well just sit it out and let our Power Forwards develop. Terrence, Patterson or Motiejunas might breakout. In pimples. Then we could pitch our hat into whatever superstar sweepstakes happen next year.

But I think Taj is gem. Either we get him during free agency or through the Boozer trade.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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