Monday Night Links: Harden Edition

Apparently, some of us don't believe in Harden.

Jurors, may I present you with the links!

The "Best Evidence, Hook You with Hookers"

Good shot, huh? Those right wing treys are killer.

Now for Morey Talk. Pay attention to how happy he is.

Pay attention to when he talks about Morey. He addresses several of the knocks against Harden's game.

1. Harden's game has been analyzed against starters and bench. His play has been consistently good.

2. Harden's bad Finals performance was compared to Lebron's. No one remembers how Lebron choked during the Finals but Morey does. And probably has numbers to compare both lapses in performance. "His overall play has been stellar." Harden's played very well in "high leverage" (clutch) situations. "We've studied him, believe me."

3. Morey isn't done with trades. He said he's got one now. He's aiming for another. This is a smart move. Be happy. Morey is finally on the move. ..."developing that second piece to go with james...developing one more as well..."

That's one smug General Manager.


‘Shocked’ Rockets GM Morey boasts his James Harden trade is unprecedented

written by Ben Golliver of and

Synopsis: Our very own Ben Golliver's picks out the juiciest parts of Morey's interviews. Morey stated, "It's unprecedented that a top player like Harden is traded." And it's true. How many young, high scoring, top 3 draft picks are traded? It's never been done. It's only because of this CBA. And it's been a boon to Morey.

Highlights from the James Harden Press Conference

by Jason Friedman of

Synopsis: Boring but worth it for this juicy datapoint.

James, have you had any conversations with Durant or Westbrook since the trade?

Harden: Yeah, I actually talked to Kevin last night. He called me and he’s still in shock. Like I said, it happened so fast. I think he was at a football game when he found out and I think he said he stopped watching the game he was so upset. But it’s a business – it happens that way. We built something special there – it didn’t work out. You’ve got to move on. We’re still going to be brothers but it’s a new journey.

Durant's tight with Harden...When is Durant's contract up again?-wwert's Devil
Regardless, I think they grew up together, fought together, went to the WCF together, and it's really sad that Presti is a moron.-wwert's Angel

More videos!

Why should you pay attention? -wwert's Devil
You should't. He's not smiling. McHale's the next move. There's a power play here. And McHale's lost. He's gone after this year whether or not the Rockets make playoffs. You don't hire a big man post player coach when you don't have a big man post player.-wwerstrodamus
I expect you to read and watch everything i've written. I'm greedy that way. Wwert out.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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