Jeremy Lin and the franchise player tag

This is not up for debate, Jeremy Lin is the most famous Rockets player since Yao Ming and T-mac, and he is the face of the Rockets.

At this club, Jeremy Lin is headlining.

Like it or not, when you turn on ESPN and it happens to be a Rockets's highlight(Rockets on ESPN, not a myth), more likely than not, it will be "so and so and the somewhere somethings faces JEREMY LIN and the Houston Rockets."

The opposing announcer will be saying "Next week, JEREMY LIN's Rockets are coming into town."

An you can be sure if anyone that is competent at marketing selling tickets to Rocket games, they will have Jeremy Lin's picture on the ad and probably accompany by some form of Lin-puns (they're so easy to make, it's like marketing heaven).

That's it. Case closed. He is the face of the franchise.

Whether on not he is a franchise player, that's a whole different discussion.

Jeremy Lin is awesome. He created the greatest sports media hurricane since Tim Tebow, and unlike Tebow, Jeremy Lin is actually good at his job. He hit game winners in Jose Calderon's face, went toe to toe with Kobe and Dirk , put up numbers like the big O and Magic, and revived a fanbase that was on the verge of burning down the place.

He's humble, nice, draw his strength from faith, just the textbook athlete personality.

So why the hell was Jeremy Lin a gamble and not a star? Why did the Knick choose Kidd and Felton instead of the savior of their possibly doomed season?

Because James Dolan is kind of a dick, and Jeremy went down after having only 35 games. There's more, but those are the only two that really mattered.

No need to re-iterate his stats, he played a significant stretch at an historic star level, then a stretch where he was good at best, average at worse. When it came to decision time, Knicks hesitated, but you can't fault them for the hesitation because to base a potentially 45 million decision and 246 games on 35 games would make anyone flinch. With that said, Knick still just gave away a young promising point guard with possible all star aspirations and replaced him with Ray Felton and the old men brigade.

Rockets were desperate, we traded Kyle Lowry for a lottery pick and we let Dragic go to Phoenix, it was looking like Toney Douglas(probable Rocket back up point guard) was going to be running offense, and that worked out hilariously bad for the Knicks. Suddenly Knick S&T for Felton and Lin seemed to be up for grabs.

So they grabbed him, he was the best thing out there.

The Rockets didn't offer him a franchise contract. The contract is technically the shortest term yet the most money we can give him, and free market determines that no one else think he's worth more than what we gave him. Lots of people actually think we paid too much.

Those people are as crazy as James Dolan and Dan Gilbert, also as crazy as the people that think we paid him to be a franchise player.

No one pays their franchise player 8 million a year for 3 years on their second contract. Teams bet their franchises on franchise players, and while the Rockets gambled, they didnt bet anything close to the franchise on him. Don't give Jeremy that pressure like NYC did, those entitled jerks think everyone should live and die New York.

Jeremy Lin is an excellent player, makes some poor decisions at times, but he makes just as much good decisions. Rockets paid him to the average of his performance, a very good point guard, fair value. He played for possibly the best coach at making his point guards record stats in Mike D'atoni, then he played with 2 gigantic black holes, 3 if you count JR Smith, under a super conservative coach in Mike Woodson. He played top competitions for an equivalent of a college basketball season. Those 25 games he started are just chaotic and riddle with roster and coaching movements, making projection of his stat pretty much meaningless. All we could really take out of last season is, Jeremy Lin is good, maybe all star good. To teams out there, Jeremy Lin was like a top lottery pick that just came out of no where and everyone has a shot. He's definitely good at basketball, but is he really that good?

Last season is last season, this is a new season with a new team in a new conference. You know it , I know it, and Jeremy Lin knows it. He knows that just because he put up numbers last season with the best of them does not mean he will this season, but he's not saying he cannot, either. On media day and interviews, people asked him questions like:

"How does it feel to be the franchise player?"

"How do you think you can live up to being the face of the franchise?"

"Is this your team?"

Jeremy answered them like humble team guy and give text book team answers. Some people might mistaken it for dodging the question, not confident, or not ready.

To ask Jeremy Lin whether or not he is the franchise player of the Rockets is a clown question bro. That's not a question he can answer with words, that's a question he can only answer with game.

The game has yet to start., so leave Jeremy alone .

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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