Full Analysis of the Knicks/Rox Game

I just caught the replay today. (I have a killer toothache.)

After watching it 4 or 5 times, i've noticed a few goto moves and plays we use.

1. Harden ISOs

This was great against the older slower guards that the Knicks had on him. Didn't work that much after JR Smith got sent to Harden. After JR Smith switched to Harden, we went with delayed Pick N Roll. Asik would come for the pick, get waived off, then return to set another pick which Harden used. This caused the Knicks confusion, almost like they were too stupid to understake what a double fake PNR was. The bad thing about that play is that the shot clock goes real low. Perfect play for when we're up by 10 points though.

2. Harden ISOs

Yes, it's another paragraph on Harden ISOs. The great and worst thing about Harden is that he drives so well to the basket. His discipline in taking mostly 3's or easy layups is laudable. He plays like a video game. Against the Knicks, it was perf. okay. The Knick's help defense isn't fast enough to knock the ball away (see Grizzlies).

So if Harden can't hit the 3. And if we don't have the shooters to make the enemy pay for the help defense, we're sunk. Lin's gotta make those 3s. In fact, even our 4 has to make those 3's. Our offense almost requires it.

3. Lin ISOs

Lin plays really smart. His shot just isn't going in. He uses the rim. He spins and gets a good shot. But then he drives in and clanks it. You could blame it on hacking but at the end of the day, if you can't make a basket with a little bit of shoving, you don't belong in the NBA.

Here's where it hurts. On a 1 v 2 fast break, Lin used to finish it by himself. Even in the Knicks game there were a bunch of times where he wouldn't be able to finish and at least 2 rox members were near him for the errant pass or o. reb.

What happens if the enemy got the rebound? A lot of potential reverse fast breaks. Happened during the Knicks game. Happened in the previous games. Only the Knicks were too dumb to capitalize.


A few good things to take away from the Knicks game.

Not playing Delfino means we don't have to have him pretending to be Harden, wasting valuable shot clock time without production.

Not playing Patterson means more Morris and T Jones at the 4. Which means more rebounds--we're still losing the rebound game at the 4 but not by as much.

Douglas still plays like a garbage PG and a subpar SG.

Playing Douglas and Harden together is bad. Douglas asking for the ball and Harden shaking his head is embarrassing. Either Harden doesn't trust Douglas to bring up the ball or Douglas doesn't pass enough for Harden to think he'll get the ball back. In any case, there's a problem there.


A few surprising things

Asik's Layups. i used to think that he should dunk it. After all, he's 7 feet tall. Why is he doing reverse rim protected layups? Then I realize he jumps really slow. In fact, those rim protected reverse layups have a higher% of going in(not for him but for the league). So if he gets that layup down, he'll be GREAT. It'll also lessen his % for injuries. I think Lin's reverse layups are contagious. I've seen Greg Smith do it too. I think it's awesome.

Chandler Parsons. Holy shit. I've studied his college numbers and I thought he wouldn't be a great shooter. Of course the numbers also say that college shooting means nothing. That there's only a 60% correlation between college 3pt% and NBA%. But I guess Parsons is one of those 50/50 rookies who can actually shoot the 3! I'm still holding hope for Landry Fields. 1/8 of the games have been played and PARSON's 3pt% are decent. 16% chance of Parsons present average stats of holding up this entire season!


If we can win the rebound battle. If we have spot up shooter for Harden's kick outs. If we have more than Asik who understands the intricacy of running PNRs. If Harden doesn't try to get foul calls when they aren't being called.

Then we win.


Harden, Parsons, Delfino, Morris, Asik (tada)

(allows Harden's game to fully shine.)

Bench Mob

Lin, Cook, Patterson, Greg Smith, Cole Aldrich

(Basically allows no paint points or fast breaks. Lin can basically hammer the opposing sides defense without worry. We'd be competitive with rebounds. The paint's gonna get crowded but that just means more PNRs to go through to get at the right spot. But with more bigs, the offense is going to slow, with more half court sets. Which is what we want from the Bench. Stall for time. *give up o rebs*)


Lin, Harden, Parsons, Morris, Asik

The best defensiive lineup.


P.S. I love Taj Gibson.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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