Patrick Beverly? 6'1 PG coming to the Rockets?

Above are the Raw Stats but I've broken it down for you. I could just spout Wins Produced but not everyone is a fan.

1. 3pt% is not good. Nor consistent. Eh.

2. Assist% and Assists Compared to League Average #not that good

3. He can however finish extremely well around the basket. 25% better than his peers.

*caveat-using eurocup averages so take everything with a grain of a grain.

4. Defense is quite decent. Very little turnovers. Below average fouling. Decent steals. Decent Rebounding(defensive rebounding which is more important)

5. He gets to the free throw line a lot. Except, like his 3pt shot, as expected, his ft% is flaky.

All in all, a very solid backup point guard.


1. Toney Douglas is about to be traded. Because there is no way that Daequan Cook isn't the better spotup shooter. If we're looking in terms of career numbers, Cook should be the better spot up shooting SG. TD's shot is falling right now but when that regresses, what skill can TD fall back on? Defense? Laughable. So the math says he should be traded NOW.

2. Beverly/Cook/Morris/MOtie/Greg Smith as the new bench isn't bad. A lot of interchangeable parts. Lin tired, slot in Beverly. Similar game with less pinpoint passing. Asik tired? Slot in Greg smith. Patterson not playing well? push up Parsons, push morris to the 3 where he belongs. The pace will SLOW down with the bench giving time for the starters to recover---Beverly's FTA is pretty large. The guy gets fouled.

I personally think that the Lakers and the Hornets are the two big suitors for TD. Namely because they don't have a choice. Their backup pg situation (Lakers) is terrible. The Hornets don't even have a PG (vasquez and rivers don't count).

1. Grab Gasol for one year but takes us out of the free agency races. So I really doubt that.

2. Grab Ryan Anderson?

In any case, Toney Douglas should start packing his bags.

@ty_hicks has done his win score for me and it is an 8. I believe that is hovering on average. Depending on his average bball player baseline. On average, nba players are a 7. So if you adjust downwards, he should be average. (If not below..eek)

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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