Second unit point production

Hello fellow Dream Shakers!

First of all let me say that this is my first fan post after a couple of years reading and commenting on TDS. I would've liked to have got involved sooner but living in Australia means that I dont watch the Rockets games until I get home after work. By then, most of you folk would be fast asleep and/or probably not interested in hearing comments about the game the day before!

Anyway I am writing to open a discussion (hopefully) on a very interesting stat I picked up on whilst watching the Rox v Suns game yesterday. While (the surprisingly good) Phoenix commentators were taking note on Houston's' "scary" second unit, a quick stat flashed up listing the 4 lowest producing second units in the league. They were (I forget the order) Lakers, Heat, Orlando and Clippers. I would think that all 4 teams, in most peoples minds, would be contenders to the championship this season.

It got me thinking. The Heat would probably have a similar bench to last season as far as production goes (just guessing here though). The Heat didnt win the championship (yes I know they got close). The Dallas Mavericks however did win the championship. Now you will have to forgive me here because I have not done the research but I am guessing the Mavs, with Terry, Barea and co., had relatively high production from their bench during the regular season last season.

Where am I going with this? Well I am wondering if there are people out there who can shed a little light on whether poor bench production (lets say bottom 3 in the league) puts an automatic road block on a teams ability to win the championship. When was the last time a team with a bottom 3 in the league second unit (points production wise) won the championship? Has it happened before?

I guess where Im REALLY going with this is......the Rockets surely have one of the best second units in the league this season with regards to point production (again, a little help with the official stats please). Now I am not one to get excited simply because the boys have pulled 3 road wins against a DEPLETED Denver, a DEMORALIZED Portland and a D...............not so good Phoenix. But is this second unit production thing something we can genuinely get excited about? Secondly, does history suggest that a team with a low scoring bench cannot win the championship?

Please feel free to get involved and comment on my post (positively or negatively, I dont mind). Help me pop my TDS cherry!!!


No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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