Rockets - Grizzlies Thoughts

16 - 13, 7th in the West, the Rockets looked like a team at the end of their longest road trip of the season. It was another ugly offensive game by the Rockets who shot 38.5% from the field and 30% from three. The Grizzlies were taking and making some tough shots and really using their size advantage over the Rockets (Marc Gasol over Scola/Patterson and Rudy Gay over Courtney Lee). The Rockets on the other hand were missing wide open layups, airballing open 3s and always falling short on each run

Coming into the season, the Rockets were supposed to have their own miniture big 3 who decided the fate of the Rockets. So far this season, only 1 has shown up. Kyle Lowry. Lowry played another fantastic game. He was everywhere. Constantly deflecting passes on the defensive end and playing offense with that awesome bulldog mentality. He was constantly getting into the paint and creating opportunities for others. Every time it looked like Memphis would pull away, Lowry would make a big play to try and shift the momentum back.

Sadly, the same can't be said for Kevin Martin or Luis Scola. I'm hoping that there is an injury because neither look comfortable for opposite reasons. Kevin Martin doesn't even look to be a part of the offense at times this year. He spent most of this game standing around on the weakside, waiting for the ball to be swung for him. He would do a weak move, lose heart and pass the ball away. There was almost no action run for him that we were used to seeing from the Rick Adelman days.

Scola on the other hand is getting plenty of touches and I don't know what he has done to deserve them. Every post touch seems like a turnover waiting to happen as he catches the ball so far away from the basket. His moves look slow and PREDICTABLE which is weird for the Argentinian tango. Most of his buckets are garbage buckets or pick and pop buckets. With the Rockets down by 5 in the 4th, the Grizzlies missed a shot and both Patterson and Scola decided to screw boxing out. One Wide open 3 off the kickout, steal and fast break layup later the game was over. 5 turnovers for Scola which seems to be a staple of his game now.

Dalembert did Dalembert things. Very good on the offensive glass, made some nice moves around the basket and the usual boneheaded plays. Inbounding turnover. Back to Back D rebounds where he just forgot to hold the ball.

Lee and Dragic like usual played with a lot of energy. Nothing too special here. Lee did get burned by Rudy Gay despite playing good defense.

I would have liked to see Jordan Hill play more than 4 minutes if Scola isn't really contributing much.

Parsons had his usual running around. Like watching him try to get to the basket. If he's forced to make a quick decision on offense though, he's fucked. I don't understand why he got twice as many touches as Kevin Martin. I feel like Kevin Martin should at least get his hands on the ball.

Right now I think we have an entire 1 above average starter on offense in Kyle Lowry. Is Scola even an average starting PF anymore? Does Kevin Martin have any value if there is no action running for him? Am I overreacting to the last game of the longest road trip against the best turnover forcing defense in the NBA?

OKC tonight. At least its in Houston.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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