Possible Outcomes for the Trade Deadline for the Rockets

With less than a month away for the trade deadline to approach, the Houston Rockets can go in many different directions. They are currently 20-14, which is probably the best midseason record we have had since 2009. Much credit goes to Daryl Morey and his shrewdness to have a 5th back up plan (signing Dalembert) after the Pau Gasol trade failed (f**k you Stern), Tyson Chandler going to the Knicks, Nene going back to Denver ( I thought he was going to be a sure thing), and the grizzlies matching Marc Gasol. That being said, Daryl Morey can approach the trade deadline in many possible ways, all benefiting Rockets, either short term or long term or both. The main players that Rockets are likely to trade are Kevin Martin and Luis Scola. Martin is a very solid player, but is not being played to his maximum ability. Luis Scola is a badass but has a huge contract, and Daryl Morey wants to make some key signings this summer. Other possible trade assets include, the 09ers (Thabeet, Williams, Hill, Flynn), Dragic ( Expiring contract and going to be an RFA, plus Lull is supposed to come over), and Budinger.

A Quick Rebuild

The first possible approach is a quick rebuild. When I say "Quick", I mean that we trade for a high pick, select the best possible player that can develop very quickly under Coach Mchale, and make the 8th seed in the playoffs next year. It is very possible but not probable but I think Daryl Morey can pull this off. A good example would be calling up Washington Wizards. Trade Martin and Scola + extra assets (Knicks Pick, 09ers, Bud) for Rashard Lewis and their 2012 lottery pick unprotected. Washington will improve dramatically (if they amnesty Blatche) since they will have a perfect blend of Veteran Talent and Young players. Hire the right coach this summer and resign Mcghee and wizards can make the playoffs. Rockets can amnesty Lewis while picking a player like Jared Sullinger, who is a true post player that will flourish under Mchale instantly. Im not sure that Washington will be willing to part ways with their pick, but they did part ways with the Ricky Rubio pick, so this shouldnt be much of a problem.

A Veteran All Star

Rockets have tried this one before. You guys remember the Pau Gasol Trade. Well this is exactly like that. We trade our assets for a proven all star, or former all star who can bring this team into contention. Pau Gasol would have been perfect under Mchale. Add Nene into the picture, and you got the best front court in the NBA. But back to what i was saying, If we trade Martin and Scola as well as the other assets, and bring in a solid player who can make a difference, this could change the direction of this team. Pau Gasol has been mentioned. How about LaMarcus Aldridge, who is on a team where no one can shoot except for Batum. If Hawks decide they need to blow up the team, why not go for Al Horford (if he is coming back this year). Al Jefferson needs to get out of Utah. Why not trade Kevin Martin straight up for Al Jefferson. I wouldnt even mind getting Bargnani and Expiring Contracts for Martin and Scola. Bargs under Mchale can be the next Dirk Nowitzki.

We Trade for Rebuilding Assets, Thus continuing our process of Asset Collecting.

This can be probably Daryl Morey's plan as he will plan to use all the assets he has to pursue a star. Trading Martin for a young player, a pick, and cap relief while trading Scola for an expiring and a minor asset( late 1st round pick). This could help Morey make an attempt to work a sign and trade for Dwight Howard or Deron Williams. But since i doubt either will come over to Houston, a realistic player would be someone like Brook Lopez or Roy Hibbert. Or maybe a delay for trading for a veteran all star. I know Minny has been mentioned as a possible trade destination for Martin, but I was thinking Pacers. If we can trade Martin for cap space and Paul George while trading Scola for an expiring contract and a late 1st rounder, we can still make a decent playoff run while developing Paul George as our small forward of the future. It makes very good sense if you think about it.

We Trade all our Big Contracts for Expirings and Make a run at a Good Player in Free Agency.

Trade Martin and Scola for cap space this summer so we can make a run at some good player in free agency. This is very risky, as we could not get anything this summer or sign a lucrative contract to a decent but not great player. (Javale Mcghee, Nicholas Batum). This could backfire and Daryl Morey isnt the type to make such a big risk.

We Make Minor Trades While Keeping Our Core Players for a Solid Playoff Run

We trade Dragic and the 09ers for picks and other assets, thus not breaking up our core as we our about to make the playoffs. This would make sense and is likely, but I dont see this happening. I think Daryl Morey is trying as hard as possible to make a solid team for the future, and I dont see this as a way to go.

What Do You Guys Think?

Please provide positive feedback, predictions and constructive criticism. NO TROLLING!!!

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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