Rockets Take On the Kings In Houston Tonight

Monday night the Sacramento Kings come to the Toyota Center (I'll be hanging in a suite if you want to hit me up) and we're supposed to beat these cats. The Kings have been playing good ball though and they are a team that when they're playing good and hot then they can beat anyone...just saying. I'm not scared of them but damn if these are the games and teams that the Rockets play down to sometimes.

I know that all you guys know about the posters at Sactown Royalty hating on me but really I don't even care. I still love da kings as my 2nd favorite team and the fans on that site aren't going to change how I feel.

On to the game. Man the Kings were supposed to be good but they are an up-and-down squad. Their last game was against the Golden State Warriors and they lost by 3 and had three chances to tie the game or something. Even our old boy T-Will had a chance but he screwed up and lost the rock...hah!...but they play good and show that they can be good some nights but also show that they have young kids still and mess up on some dumb plays.

The Rockets should be rested after having a day off and even though the game against Mavs probably took a lot out of them they should come out strong and show the people at Sactown Royalty how H-Town and how the Rockets do it.

//////We all Bleed Red (even the Kings Fans)\\\\\\

Shaq disses Vlade Divac (via cchristensen)

Even though I think the Kings did get cheated this is funny.

Tip-off is at 7pm CST.

Matchups after the jump.


PG: Goran Dragic vs. Isaiah Thomas

That man Thomas is good but for real Parsons is a better rookie than Thomas but he's still good. Buttttttt...Goran Dragic is way better an should tear him up. He's too small for Dragic.

And by the way they are both left handed. Cool huh?

Advantage: ROX

SG: Courtney Lee vs. Tyreke Evans

C-Lee has been playing out of his mind lately because that man is cold (I play with him on 2K)…but Tyreke is their best player (even though that's not saying much).

He's good enough to have a good game and do some good things that are bad for us. C-Lee is a great defender so he should slow down Evans but it should be pretty even I think.

Advantage: Even

SF: Chandler Parsons vs. Marcus Thornton

This is the matchup I'm looking forward to bros. Thornton can ball but he isn't really consistent. But when he plays well the Kings play well. I don't know who is going to guard this man: Parsons or C-Lee….but they have got to play good D on Evans and Thornton.

But Parons is a G. That man is my girlfriend's favorite player. He's been straight balling right now and has 2 double-doubles in the last 2 games. He's always close to a triple-double because he's a beast……ROY……. so it will be a good matchup in my opinion.

Advantage: Even because it's up in the air

PF: Luis Scola vs. Donte Greene

Scola should tear this cat up because he's better than him. He's the ladies' man and there's a reason for him coming out last during pregame intros. It's because he's a beast and has a way with the ladies bros.

Donte Greene should learn some moves this game on and off the court.

Advantage: ROX

C: Samuel Dalembert and Marcus Camby vs. DeMarcus Cousins

Well I believe during the last game Cousins had 4 and 4 against us…hah…but he's been playing well lately.

Dalembert is playing his old team and players usually play well against their old team so he should be pumped and Camby is a nice backup who shares time at C (with Scola too haha). But Cousins should have a hard day

Advantage: ROX (I would say Kings but we usually shut down Cousins)


Rox: Lil Wayne, Chase Budinger, K-Mart?, P Pat, Camby

Kings: Chuck Hayes, Hassan Whiteside, John Salmons, Francisco Garcia, and TWILL Wordappppp

The Rockets have a nice little bench even though C Bud is trash and Hayes makes his second return (I miss him), but our bench is deeper bros. Twill will try and have a good game but fail…hah!

Advantage: ROX

Prediction: ROX 98- Kings 83

Thanks for the opportunity to write on here bros I love TDS and everyone here.

/////TDS #1 website in Houston \\\\\

////edited and corrected by my boy ak2themax\\\\\

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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