How about neither Lowry or Dragic in a Rox uniform next year!


As I was reading Patrick's post about having KLow as our pg of the future it got me to thinking a little bit; would it be wise and could it work to let them both go?

Basis of Concept:

1) Since almost all of us will agree that the Rox are not going to be picking in the top 3 or 4 spots in the draft anytime soon (in order to draft that next superstar to build around), then how about we use our known assets to increase the value of this team in known ways.

2) KMart and KLow return from their current injuries/illness in such ways that trading them isn't an issue.

3) We still want to keep cap space for that FA that we hope will come calling soon.

Check out it after the jump to get the steps, results and final look of this proposed concept.

Steps to achieve said Concept:

1) Sign and trade Dragic and KMart (possibly Bud or PPat as well) for XXXX shooting guard. Obviously this 2guard will be a significant upgrade because we are giving up two valuable players to get one valuable player.

2) Trade KLow and Scola (possibly Bud or PPat as well) for XXXX power forward. Again the player we get will obviously be a significant upgrade for the same reason the 2guard will be an upgrade.

3) Combine our picks to move up in the 2012 draft as far as possible (or as far as we think we need to go) to get the best PG on the board. This player may not be the superstar we will be building our next championship team around but surely in such a deep draft class we should be able to find a suitable rookie to run the point next year and beyond. I am thinking that this young buck can give us at least 8 to 10 pts and 5 dimes a game next year (if he can’t then this isn’t such a deep draft is it?!).

4) Keep Dalembert and resign Lee and Camby to whatever contracts are needed.

5) Don’t mess with Parsons' spot since defense is not something that usually drops off from a player’s rookie year to his second.

Possible trades (again, just a concept so don’t worry too much about salaries etc. right now; if the concept is sound then we can send and receive the players to make everything work)

1) Dragic and KMart for the newly signed and traded Eric Gordon and a bunch of warm bodies to make up for KMart’s salary OR Gordon and a couple of bad contracts (might bring in a third team). OK stop it. Too much detail for a concept. Again we are looking for that significant upgrade at the 2gaurd so it really doesn’t matter who we get beyond Gordon (or whoever). If we get a second player that is decent then that is icing on the cake. We could do Emeka Okafor in the trade but again I didn't want to get to involved at this stage.

We do this trade for obvious reasons (BD has already talked about Gordon, and if healthy, he can do some things for this team). N.O. does this trade because, well because they need some help like everywhere.

2) KLow, Scola, and PPat for Pau Gasol (I know, I know NO to Gasol because now he is even a year older than when we tried to get him the first time). Again, think concept, so if not Gasol then a high caliber 4 that is right for our team.

We do this trade for obvious reasons and the Lakers do it because they will have a much better back court and Scola will fill in until they decide how to replace their starting 4 with a younger player.

I was thinking like maybe David Lee but then again, Golden State has this guy named Stephen Curry so they probably aren’t looking to logjam the PG spot.

Result of Concept in question:

1) We have significantly upgraded the team without gutting it.

2) We have our rookie "star" who should give us some hope of becoming that "superstar."

3) We will probably be able to keep that coveted cap space about the same as it was before we made these trades.

4) We have a just given that marquee FA something to think about before automatically saying no.

5) We pack out the Yota because the fan base is really excited about this upcoming year!

Final look of possible Concept:

PG: Kendall Marshall or Damian Lillard from draft/Fortson/Llull (possibly)

SG: Gordon/Lee/Warm body

SF: Parsons/Bud/Morris

PF: Gasol/Morris/Warm body

C: Dalembert/Camby/Motiejunas (possibly)

Others: Warm body, Warm body, Warm body!

So there you have it. Let me know what you think about this…more about the concept of trading away both of our proven pg’s to significantly upgrade our team. And don’t critique the possible trades as much because you can provide me your own trades.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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