Camby, Rockets Maul Memphis Grizzlies

Rockets 98, Grizzlies 89

Hell'uva win Rockets! Hell'uva win! Way to beat the Grizzlies! Another gritty performance by our Rockets.

Marcus Camby, Goran Dragic, and Chase Budinger all played inspired ball and came up huge for the Rockets against the Grizzlies, with Camby being the difference maker in tonight's game.

The Rockets took the win from the Grizzlies, a solid team we could've easily let get the best of us if we didn't handle our business. Memphis is ahead of us in the Western Conference standings and, going into Friday's game were leading the season series 2-1 over the Rockets. So we really needed to win Friday's game to even the season series 2-2.

In our previous Rockets-Grizzlies match ups this season, before the Rockets got Camby at the trade deadline, the Rockets got dominated by Memphis' bigs, Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. This match up, Memphis' bigs got dominated by our bigs, Marcus Camby and Samuel Dalambert.

In what turned out to be a brilliant coaching move by Coach McHale, Marcus Camby started the game at center for the Rockets over Dalembert against the Grizzlies. Marcus Camby "The Enforcer" was a revelation tonight, finishing the game with 7 points, 16 rebounds, and 6 blocks. He was the difference maker in the game for us. After his game against the Kings, I called Camby a shot blockin' fool. After his game against the Grizzlies on Friday, I need to amend that to Camby's a tippin' in, enforcin', reboundin', and shot blockin' fool. He played pretty much out of his mind on Friday night.

The Grizzlies made three dirty plays that come to mind, two by Tony Allen, one by Marc Gasol. The first dirty play was on a steal by Allen on Dragic where Allen basically shoved Dragic to the ground, hurting Dragic's already injured left ankle. No foul is called on Allen. About a minute later in the game, Allen sticks out his leg and and blatantly trips Chandler Parsons. A foul is called but not the technical foul and/or break-away foul it deserved. About a minute later, Allen gets another steal and Camby "The Enforcer" gave Allen a good, hard foul as he tried to score; sending him the message: "You know your wrong for that, we know your wrong for that. Now, take your punishment because we ain't gonna put up with that punk shit, boy!"

McHale also played Camby and Dalembert at the same time, with good effect. They played really well together, basically manhandling Randolph and Gasol all game long. With 1:05 and 27.1 seconds left in the game, respectively, Camby made two big time tip ins that sealed the win for the Rockets; his only field goals of the night. I just can't say enough about how well Camby played against the Grizzlies. It was like he almost willed the Rockets to win. I gotta give Camby some ♥ for his amazing performance on Friday. Wow! It was so great to see! After Friday's win against the Grizzlies, Dragic had this to say about Camby, "he's a great person, a great player...and today...he won the game for us." Hell'uva game, Camby! Hell'uva game!

But Camby couldn't have done it by himself. Dragic, Lee, Budinger and the rest of the Rockets all came together for a big team win against Memphis.

Goran Dragic continued to do what he's been doing. Running the Rockets' point like a boss, making those beautiful ballet-like moves out there, and making music with his teammates. It's a beautiful thing! Goran finished with a new season high 25 points, 7 rebounds. Hell'uva game, Dragic! Hell'uva game!

Courtney Lee contributed 17 points, shooting 7-12.

Buddinger, who scored 13 points, was playing with a toughess and a confidence on both ends of the court that I don't think I've ever seen him play with before. He looked like a different player, like a player possessed. He was aggressive, playing defense, grabbing rebounds, hitting threes, driving into the lane. On one of Bud's drives to the basket, Marc Gasol threw a dirty, punk elbow/arm punch to his ribs and gave him a hard hip bump to the body. No foul was called on Gasol. Bud had to go to the bench for a minute to recover, but he showed his toughness by quickly returning to the game and finishing strong for the Rockets. Hell'uva game, Bud! Hell'uva game!

Rockets turned over the ball 16 times in the game, way more than we would've liked, but overall a really solid team win against the Grizzlies. Hell'uva win, Rockets! Hell'uva win!

Note: After showing up late for practice on Thursday, Patterson didn't see his first playing time against the Grizzlies until there was only 1:47 left in the 3rd quarter.

Around 12:30 am after the Grizzlies game, Dragic tweeted to Patrick Patterson, "go to sleep !!! practice at 11.00 am don't be late :)" Hopefully, Dragic will also give Patterson a wake-up call in the morning.

So, what'd you think about the Rockets win against the Grizzlies?!

Rockets next game is on Sunday against the Pacers in Houston.

♥ ♥ ♥ GO ROCKETS!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ BEAT THE PACERS!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

― ♥ Becca :)

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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