Rockets Fall In Barnburner As Pacers Squeeze Out 104-102 Victory

Apr 1, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets guard Goran Dragic (3) drives to the basket against the Indiana Pacers in the first quarter at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

These home games in Houston... they're freakin' insane, aren't they?

The Rockets found themselves in another barnburner at home with the Indiana Pacers, and after a damn good effort throughout the first four quarters, they suddenly kept missing open shots in overtime and got obliterated on the boards. And that's going to kill you, obviously.

Funny thing is, I wrote that when the Rockets went down by six. Immediately after, Goran Dragic hit a big time three-pointer, and then Chandler Parsons stole the ball on a lazy pass and cut the lead to one. How about that.

What ensued? Bad officiating. Paul George got called for a crazy-bad charge, but then the referees really outdid themselves after Courtney Lee got called for a travel. This, after he and two Pacers had held the same ball for three seconds. Apparently, that was the April Fool's joke.

However, Houston gave themselves a chance after Darren Collison screwed the pooch on three free throws, leaving the Pacers with a two-point lead. But the Rockets had all but sealed their fate moments earlier when Dragic fouled out. Everyone should have known Goran had five fouls, and on this particular play, there were Rockets in other places that could have easily come to foul Danny Granger. Instead, Houston lost its Gogi and forced Chandler Parsons into an awful attempt that sent Houston to Chicago with a big fat L.

In all, Houston shot themselves in the foot when it mattered most, but otherwise, they put together a very good performance against a team that matches up quite well. Here are three thoughts and a final word to send you on your way:

1. Great all-around game from Marcus Camby, who basically changes the way an opposing offense works by stepping on the floor. He's going to be here for a while, folks. Get ready for Dikembe Mutombo-in-Houston, part 2.

2. Houston once again got nothing from Marcus Morris. It's probably time we get used to that as far as this season is concerned. On the flip side, Indiana's big small forward went nuts. Danny Granger: six of eight from three. Sometimes, you just bring out the very best in a player, even if they're on a downturn.

3. Courtney Lee and Dragic continued to step up big with their play, but Patrick Patterson just keeps on regressing. His shot has died off in the past few games, and if Houston wants any chance at the playoffs, he MUST find a way to be more productive. The tools are all there.

Final Word: Denver won in Orlando Sunday night, so this put Houston back to the eighth seed. With a rough schedule coming up and Utah starting to find a groove, the Rockets will be put to the ultimate test in their final thirteen games. Win or go home, literally.

Indy Cornrows

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