The Possible Targets this Offseason

Its clear that this offseason we need a change. While its not entirely Daryl Morey's that we landed the last spot in the lottery (thanks David Stern), he has failed to complete a major trade...sort of. In this post, I am going to analyze a handful of players that Daryl Morey should trade for. Im going to list the trade we could possibly make, the pros and cons, and how he would be a good fit with the Rockets.

Pau Gasol

Trade: Kyle Lowry, Scola for Gasol and Morris OR Kevin Martin, Luis Scola and Chase Budinger for Pau Gasol and Steve Blake

Pros: We get a 7 footer who averages 17 pts and 10 rebs, has a solid post game, a decent midranger and can block shots once in a while. Solid Passer as well. Despite aging and showing signs of decline, he can still play very well. I honestly thought that he could have done better this playoffs if Mike Brown could actually set up an offensive play that isn't Kobe on iso (seems familiar?)

Cons: Has 2 years left on his contract of 18 million per year. Seems to be on the decline, and sometimes can be very soft. Needs to be much more aggressive, especially if he becomes the primary offensive option on a team.

Analysis: What a better way to start this list than to list the guy who is supposed to be a Rocket. He would fit perfectly as the primary big man for the Houston Rockets. Since Houston is well under the cap this offseason, his contract wont be much of a problem. He will help Houston much more than hurt them, so I would say go for it, but not only him.

Josh Smith

Trade: Kyle Lowry, Samuel Dalembert, and Bud or PPat for Josh Smith

Pros: One of the most underrated players in the NBA. Can block shots, score, rebound, play solid perimeter defense, and runs well on transition. Stuffs the stat sheet.

Cons: As we all know, he settles for jumpers way too often. Also is a headcase and will appear very disinterested at times.

Analysis: I would like Josh Smith to be a Rocket. Even if we dont manage to get anyone else better. He can run the floor and make us immediately a better transition team. If we resign Dragic, a Smith-Dragic pick and roll would be deadly. Offering up Lowry and Dalembert would give the Hawks a deadly backcourt with Lowry and Joe, as well as move Horford to PF, his natural postion. I think he would be worth it for the Rockets, even if we would have to take back Marvin Williams.

Al Jefferson

Trade: Kevin Martin for Al Jefferson

Pros: Solid Low Post Scorer with a Back to the Basket style of offense. Also a good rebounder. Decent Mid Range Jumper.

Cons: Bad Defender both on the low post and one on one. Doesn't block shots despite his size. Also plays for the Jazz.

Analysis: I cannot remember a trade in which the Rockets AND the Jazz were involved. So I am going to make this quick. Al can fit as a power forward, however, will not be as effective with his back - to basket game with someone like Camby or Dalembert clogging the middle. An Al and Donatas combo would work offensively, but would be the worst defenisive front court ever. I wouldnt pursue Al for these reasons.

Tyreke Evans

Trade: Kyle Lowry, Patrick Patterson and 16th pick for Tyreke Evans and Jimmer

Pros: Solid ball handler and can drive to the lane at will. Will beat out almost anyone in a one on one situation and is also a good playmaker and rebounder. Can also run the ball in transtion and take over games. Good strength and size and decent court vision.

Cons: Cannot really defend the perimeter, gets careless at times, injury prone, and is known also to have a poor work ethic. Needs to work on his jumpshot and his passing.

Analysis: Evans will be a solid fit for the Rockets provided we trade Kevin Martin. Resigning Lee and starting Evans and Lee will be a solid backcourt as Evans can take care of the majority of ball handling. Evans would be a good building block for Daryl Morey, and developing a jumpshot is not that difficult. He is struggling now because of the logjam at the wing in Sacramento, as well as the number of shoot first type players there. If he gets a fresh start in Houston, he can do wonders....hopefully. Its worth a gamble.

Amare Stoudamire

Trade: Kevin Martin and Luis Scola for Amare Stoudamire

Pros: Very good pick and roll finisher, solid rebounder, and has a good mid range jumper. Can block shots at times and is very athletic.

Cons: Very Injury prone, cannot play defense other than the occasional block and at times seems lazy on both sides of the floor.

Analysis: Daryl Morey was big on getting Amare when Yao was still in the game. Why not take a chance on him now? Can go back to being a 20-10 player provided he gets away from Melo. Is a solid iso player, pick and roll player, and a transition finisher. He can still learn a few things from Kevin Mchale and is still in his prime. I would say go for it as a worst case scenario. Oh, and with Camby patrolling the middle, his defense will be masked, provided we resign Camby.

Andre Iguadola

Trade: Kevin Martin and Chandler Parsons for Iggy and Jodie Meeks

Pros: Very Athletic finisher, solid ball handler, very good defender and rebounder. Can shut down anyone in a iso situation.

Cons: Not a very good jumpshooter or free throw shooter, but when he gets his shot going, he is hard to stop.

Analyisis: Im only mentioning him because a friend mentioned that he would be a good player in a Rockets Jersey. He can sell tickets and possibly convince other stars to come play in Houston. He will easily be the 2nd best player on a championship team. If we manage to get a solid post option like Pau, he would be a great guy to go after. I would not approve if Daryl Morey only managed to obtain Iggy though, might as well keep Parsons.

If Daryl Morey could get a combination of any of these players, that would make us instant contenders, and Morey would be walking away with Exec. of the Year. If I were DM, I would do anything to obtain Pau Gasol and Josh Smith. A Gasol -Smith front court would be nearly unstoppable as they both pass well, and will be good both in half court and in transition. Then afterwards I would draft a PG, since we are loosing Lowry, and a shooting guard, since we are loosing Martin. Perhaps Kendall Marshall and Terrance Ross. Resign Camby, Lee and try to resign Dragic. If he walks, then make an offer to DJ Augustine or Ramon Sessions or bring over Sergio Lull. Then sign a backup wing like Carlos Delfino and we would have a instant contending lineup.

Dragic( or signed PG), Marshall

Lee, Ross

Parsons, Delfino

Smith, Donatas

Gasol, Camby

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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