Would the Rockets consider moving a first round pick for Brandon Knight?

Hey DreamShakers, Mike Payne here, I'm an editor over at DetroitBadBoys, SB Nation's Pistons blog. I've always been impressed with how intelligent and forthright fans of other teams are on SB Nation's blogs, so I thought I'd bring a question straight to you. You're in a great position for the 2012 draft, and I wanted to ask if you think the team should consider parting with one of it's picks. If so, would you as fans consider trading for a player like Detroit's Brandon Knight?

I don't entirely understand Houston's needs, but I see a few things from my limited perspective. First, Kyle Lowry apparently doesn't like Kevin McHale and might prefer to be moved to another team. Second, Goran Dragic is an unrestricted free agent. Third, Kevin Martin's name has surfaced more than once in trade rumors over the last season. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty in the Rockets' backcourt. Sadly, their current 2012 draft positioning doesn't seem to offer much hope.

In this coming draft, it's likely that Kendall Marshall will be off the board at 14 and 16. The Rockets can reach for a player like Jeff Teague, Tony Wroten or Tyshawn Taylor, but these players are not exciting prospects and they bring more limitations than promise to the table (at least in my opinion). My question-- would the Rockets consider trading either of their first round picks for Detroit's Brandon Knight?

So you know, I'm not trying to sell you garbage and I'm not wearing homer glasses in writing this. Knight has his limitations. He's got a great outside shot, and his college numbers translated to the NBA almost identically-- even in the face of larger, tougher competition. Yet Knight struggled inside the perimeter, he turned the ball over a lot and didn't show a lot of potential in running a five-man offense. If you were to trade for Knight, you'd be bringing on those limitations in the hope that he could improve in time.

"Improvement in time" is what you're buying. Detroit's own one-time hero Chauncey Billups had a rookie season a lot like Knight. It took him, like other scoring point guards, several seasons to figure things out. Knight was given a trial-by-fire in Detroit this season and I can't say that he succeeded. But he has an opportunity to be a good NBA player for a team willing to give him the time he needs to grow.

So I ask you-- would Houston be willing to take on a prospect like Knight, given that he might have greater potential than anyone Houston could draft in 2012?

Me, I want Detroit to pick Kendall Marshall. And this team doesn't have room to share the ball between two young prospects. Given Houston's needs at the point and their extra draft pick, I thought I'd ask.

So am I crazy? Am I on to something? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading, and good luck in 2012-13, Houston!!

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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