What we take away from the draft and looking ahead, as always...

I know we're all destroyed by the lack of BOOOOM to our day at the draft, but lets look ahead anyways. Let's look at what we now have on our roster and try to understand the bigger picture for next season.

I got the inspiration to write this post while writing a comment on the draft grades post, which I must recommend as a good read for you all. So here's the post:

I agree with you views and grades...

And I really think that we should be patient till the end of the summer. If the season starts and we still have Jon Brockman and the PF Brigade on this team without a smart solution or reason, I’ll personally lead the pitchfork rally, flying in from Cali and missing a few days of school for it. My Ideal scenario/lineup?

PG: Dragic/Livingston/'Lil' Fort

SG: Lee/Lamb

SF: Parsons/Morris and Jones (position depends on who pans out)

PF: PPatt/Motie/White/Leuer

C: Camby and Player X/Greg Smith/Leuer as 3rd option for small lineup

I say we trade Lowry, Scola, and Martin for picks or a combination of a good player or two and picks. (multiple deals of course)

I don’t care to see Brockman in a Rockets uni next year and my guess is he’ll be the odd man out.

Jon Leuer/Royce White/Terrence Jones/Marcus Morris all have to prove themselves worthy of the team…Out of these, I think Terrence Jones spends the most time in RGV, with Morris seeing a little time there initially but earning an SF spot. Royce White and Jon Leuer will have to battle for the third PF spot with each getting some minutes if they pan out in practice (like Parsons did). Out of the two I really hope Royce White achieves his "Top-5" potential or shows strong signs of it.

Either way we only have 13-players on my current roster ( including possible FA acquisitions)

While I would have preferred a solid solution to our Center woes, I’m pretty excited about running the young guys and seeing what they’ve got. I like the unconventional outlook for many of these players and if they put up good work, they’ll be nice pieces. After what just went down, it’s good consolation to know that at least you didn’t sacrifice future opportunities by going too far in on smaller trades to facilitate a bigger trade which fell through."

The roster I composed is based off of Morey's interview and my personal thoughts on the matter.

Starting at PG, I do believe that we will trade Lowry and resign Dragic and keep Livingston. I'm glad that for once we have a starting PG who is clearly better than his backup (no offense to Shaun, still one of my fave players for his heart). Also, having Dragic and Livingston still gives us a solid PG combo. And in case of injury, we still have Lil' Wayne to hold up the Fort :D.

Moving to SG, I'm getting strong implications that Morey will trade Martin and resign Courtney Lee. Many people on this sight, myself included, have expressed support for such moves and I belive that by picking Jeremy Lamb, the Rockets have made their decision clear. Out of all the rooks we picked, I think Jeremy Lamb will be the most NBA ready and will contribute fairly quickly and I'm excited that we got him.

On to SF, the most awkward position on the team at the moment. We have Chandler Parsons, so it's not like we're as terribly desperate at the position as our draft picks suggest. While I do think we were and are looking for a star at SF, I think we are pretty well set with Parsons and whichever player between Jones, White, and Morris actually plays behind him. More on those three in a sec.

Now for the most beloved position on the team. PF. We have trusty Scola but it's high time we move on, both for his sake and ours. Assuming Scola is gone next year, we would be left with a surprisingly thin PF position consisting of: Ppatt, Motie, Brockman x2, Leuer, White, AND Jones. I think Jones is the odd man out here and he gets moved to SF. I have high hopes for White but honestly have no idea where he would fit ideally but I'm sure McHale knows (McHale and White are often compared). I don't care for the Poke Man Brock. As far as Leuer goes, he has a bright future and I would love to keep him but I don't see where he fits in, possibly Center as a third option? I'm against trading PPatt and Motie based purely on the fact that PPatt is a proven player. He had an off year but the way he's working out I'm happy keeping him. Motie I like because of his upside. I read the other day that if he had entered the draft this year he would've gone much higher. That only strengthens my desire to see him in Rockets Red.

At the smallest position of need C, Morey expressed his desire to resign Camby and go after free agents. Playing along, I kept Camby in the roster and added a spot for Center X and kept Leuer as a possible option at 6'10". Of course, we also have Greg Smith'll be an interesting position this year to say the least.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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