Added Perspective On Rockets' Draftee Terrence Jones

LEXINGTON KY - DECEMBER 28: Terrence Jones #3 of the Kentucky Wildcats shoots the ball during the game against the Coppin State Eagles at Rupp Arena on December 28 2010 in Lexington Kentucky. Kentucky won 91-61. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Today, Glenn Logan joins us to discuss the Rockets' final first round selection, Terrence Jones. Glenn is the managing editor and a tireless writer at the popular University of Kentucky blog, A Sea of Blue, and was kind enough to take a few moments out of his day to give us a deeper glance at Terrence Jones.

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On Terrence Jones' strengths and weaknesses:

Jones' biggest strengths are his athleticism for his size, and his ballhandling. Jones has excellent hands that can catch everything thrown his way, and he is very athletic for 6'9". He isn't a freak or anything, but he will surprise you.

But by far his most unusual asset is his ballhandling, which is really about as good as you'll ever see on a player his size. He can handle like the best 2-guard you can imagine, and almost as well as some college point guards.

Weakness wise, Jones has shown an occasional tendency to disappear in games, and can let a bad game get into his head and make it worse. Jones passionately cares about how he plays, sometimes to a fault, and he lets it get to him sometimes.

Jones has also shown an occasional tendency to be a little too comfortable on the perimeter rather than using his powerful body and athleticism as the weapons they are.

Finally, at the NBA level, Jones lacks offensive versatility. He really can't get his own shot from the perimeter, which means he must be a slasher late in the clock if closely guarded.

On Jones' future position:

I'd categorize him as a stretch 4. Jones is most effective when attacking from the perimeter, where you have to respect his jumpshot. But his main role needs to be to use the jumpshot to force bigger defenders away from the basket, where his ballhandling and quickness will allow him to explode past them into the lane.

Jones can shoot out to the college 3 and beyond, so opponents must respect that. He has a slow release on his shot, but if you leave him open, he can make a high percentage. If you crowd him, you'll find him at the rim with his arm in the basket. He'll be a tough cover for most NBA 4's.

Defensively, Jones is a vastly underrated player. Our defensive score sheets compiled by one of our contributors at A Sea of Blue consistently showed that he was the best defender on the team if you overlook Anthony Davis' blocks. He isn't as versatile as Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, but against players of similar size, he's a great defender.

On the label of "jack of all trades, but master of none":

That criticism is off the mark. Jones does everything well with the exception of getting his own shot. Despite his athleticism, his release is really slow and is basically serviceable only as a set shot. He can't really get his own shot on the perimeter, he has to drive it into the paint. His biggest weakness is his lack of offensive diversity.

Jones will be an excellent defender, is a reliable spot-up shooter and can handle the ball like a guard at all times. He will get to the rim and finish, and draw a lot of fouls in the NBA. Don't buy the "Jack of all trades, master of none" stuff, that's not really accurate. He is great at attacking off the dribble and will only get better.

This was a really good look at Jones, a glimpse we wouldn't have gotten without Glenn. Thanks a million to Glenn for this; he, Justin, and Kirk deserve a round of applause for making this mini-series possible (If you're wondering, we will not have a segment on Furkan Aldemir).

Anyway, do you agree, disagree, or have something to add on? Sound off in the comments!

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