The not so distant future

Although you can never be sure about anything regarding dwight, it seems that the rockets are in the lead to acquire either him or Andrew Bynum. I personally prefer Bynum because he has a better post game, although he is a pretty good defender in his own right. Many point out the fact that he has had many knee- related injuries, which i do admit scare me al ittle, but Dwight just had back surgery (not the easiest procedure to come back 100% from) while Andrew just finished his first full season albeit a condensed one, that begin with his 4 game suspension. Many Bynum critics would then point out that he is a dirty player or immature, folks he is 24, everyone at 24 has some more maturing to do. And to the fact that he is a "dirty player", you should'nt want your big man to be soft, you want defenders to think twice before driving in, which Bynum does make them do, because he either gets the block or makes sure that they understand that the paints his house and every point isnt coming easy. Bynum is not a happy-go-lucky type of guy such as Howard, he is a classic old school big, who is decisive in his actions, something Dwight is not. I also believe we go after bynum because after we failed to resign dragic and courtney lee, we arent gonna compete for a ring this year regardless, which would make dwight fell like he is in orlando all over again.

If we get Bynum, who is 24, we could have a very promising future with him being the centerpiece, something he isn't that familiar with, while playing with kobe.

I believe that before we trade for dwight we must get rid of either kmart or scola because these are the two biggest contracts on the roster. I think we should trade martin for almost anything, a reserve or a 2nd rd pick because once we do that are current salary cap would be in the 20's, meaning we could take dwight or bynum, and a couple of the magics old bums (turkoglu, duhon, or jrich).

Once we get rid of one of the big contracts i believe we will trade a combo of 1st picks (torontos 2012, and/or mavs 2012) terrence jones, jeremy lamb, royce whtie, marcus morris, chandler parsons.

This should be plenty for the magic inlcuding the fact that we might possibly take back all of their bad contracts.

If we do land Bynum I believe we should attempt to get marshon brooks from the nets, since he is already on the trading block. I suggest we attempt to trade parsons (if he is not traded) for brooks, because the nets do not need a scoring oriented guard anymore since dwill resigned and they got joe johsnon, plus tyshawn taylor as their top defender off the bench. He will be our sg of the future because he has already proved he can score in this league no he just has to consistently play d at a high level.

We also need a pg, so i suggest that we attempt to trade for kendall marshall, whos rendered completely useless to the suns since signing dragic. I believe they would want to get rid of him since now they understand that they should have planned better. I believe we can get him for possibly machado and a 2nd.

Next years lineup

pg: Kendall Marshall

sg: Marshon Brooks

sf either royce white, marcus morris , parsons, or t jones= who ever is not traded

pf: donatas

C: preferably bynum, maybe howard

As i have said this would be a team of the future not the present, I think we should lower our expectations

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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