My realistic projections for Rockets

This is assuming that no changes have been made. Lin is most likely coming to the rockets to be our starting pg. As of now Kmart hasn't been traded so he's our starting sg. So...

Pg- Lin/Livingston

Sg- Martin/Lamb

Sf- Parsons/Jones

Pf- Patterson/White

C- Donuts(going to call him this, not going to pretend to know how to spell his name and too lazy to check)/Leur

Morris and Douglas

Our strongest position is Sg with our weakest obviously being the C.


I'm a fan of Lin, but a realistic one. Especially with both our pg's having knee issues, I think we need to fortify this position. In the NBA having a big man is a luxury, but if you don't have a traditional big, you're not losing out. The game is speeding up so you need a good backcourt if you want to win games. With that said, I think Lin at best is a 14 pts 5 assist pg. And Livingston a 10 pt 4 assist. 24/9 isn't too bad, but not too great. You get the same production from one great pg. We are decent at pg, but definitely can use improvement. This is a duo that a team picking at 14 would use.


Martin and Lamb are a very solid 1-2 punch from the swing spot. If Martin stays(doubtful) on this team I think he'll be an efficient 16/3/2. Lamb will obviously be the focus of fans with all the expectation on him. I think in his first year, if Martin is still on the team(doubtful) he'll replicate Courtney Lee and his stats with more offense. This duo is upper tier.


I think while our SG position is the best, SF/PF is the most set. We know what to expect. B/c of the versatility of our chamber of pfs, if one doesn't work out, we can easily slot another to the sf without losing out on much. The weakest point is that all of our forwards cannot shoot, reliably at least. We have a solid proven sf/pf combo in Parsons and Patterson. Who will back them up? We can only hope White and Jones become solid players and if not then Morris steps up.


This position can change by season's start. It could be Dhoward or Bynum or Donut might be our starting center. But working with what we have now, I think Donut will be a solid player. Not the 20/10 player that many people slate him out to be. But a good stretch player that I think will be a 15/6 guy in his rookie year. If he works on his free throws and bulks up, this number can easily go up. But as of now, something definitely needs to be done with this position before start of the season. Get a better backup, or get Bynum or Howard and switch Donut to 4.

All in all, this Not for lack of effort. It should be exciting to watch all the rookies trying to make their mark. But they won't be too successful. I project a 30-52 record optimistically.

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. If no moves are made, I will be slightly disappointed but with all these rookies, you can't help but get excited for the future. The days are picking 14th are gone for sure without a doubt. And i think that was the ultimate goal of many people.

And I'm against the Howard trade. Most people argue that "well if he leaves that just forces us to rebuild." Well in order to rebuild, we would need draft picks. Draft picks that we traded away to get him in the first place. So we would be 2-3 years from actually starting the rebuilding process. I prefer Bynum who expressed interest in us. Howard's better, but he's not staying. I'm all for hitting for the fences, but why would you want to when there's a more sure thing that will stay to reap the benefits.

Appreciate any thoughts or criticism or trolling.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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