Here's an idea...let the kids grow up together

I think I've not seen more excitement here on The Dream Shake than since the Mother's Day Miracle game back in 2009. Come to think of it, did you really think Dolan would actually be smarter than Morey? I think the official score is Morey-3, Dolan-0 now. Someone please post that T-Mac trade YouTube video.


Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is we just got a 23-year-old point guard who showed some amazing basketball skills at a time when the Knicks 2 best players were hurt. He had a good defensive center and some other solid young guys playing next to him during this time.

If Houston gets Omer Asik, what do we have as well?

1.) A very very "ultra light menthol" type star scoring guard who I think would thrive next to Lin until he got his value up enough to trade for expiring deals. Yes, when Kevin Martin was scoring 23ppg I would call that near all-star level. Right now though his pride was wounded a bit and he's not "as good" but remember it is a contract year for the near 30-year-old. Why not play him some, get his value up, and send him to a SG-needy team for youth or a 1st rounder?

2.) A collection of young 2's, 3's and 4's who have some talent. Jeremy Lamb, Terrence Jones, Royce White, Chandler Parsons, Patrick Patterson, Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Morris are all still young guys (only PPat is a 3rd year player). That's 8 guys for 3 wing positions, plus Motiejunas can play the 5 in a pinch. Of the guys, I really like Lamb and Jones a lot from what I've read. It makes things exciting next year. Put Motiejunas and Lin on pick-and-rolls and you've got yourself something fun to watch. Realize that not all of these guys will pan out. Some may be amazing, others may end up disappointing. That's just how it goes. If Motie was a bit bigger I'd start him at 5 with Patterson and Parsons on the front line, using Asik as a more than normal backup center with Jones and White playing minutes at 4 and 3.

What do the Rockets need then? Either you go get Dwight Howard, a former dunk champion and a big baby from the Magic or you should go find a bargain basement center type to back up Asik and let the kids play to this tune:

PG: Lin/Livingston/Douglas
SG: Martin/Lamb/Morris
SF: Parsons/White/Jones
PF: Motiejunas/Patterson/Jones
C: Asik/Backup C/Smith

Yeah yeah, I know...LOTTERY TEAM. We'd lose a lot of games, but at the same time maybe we could land our superstar in the draft, or maybe this collection of kids could turn out to be something special. Maybe Jeremy Lin turns into the Arian Foster of the NBA (undrafted to superstar). But there could be potential for a young team to grow. I like the kids a lot, Lamb, White, and Jones all showed something. And after years of watching a team stuck in the mud, I'd get behind the kids. That's a definitely yes there.


No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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