We can be better than Kevin Durant's team in the early years.

I'm predicting we're going to have a somewhat decent year if we don't mess up the roster (For example if we acquire the Orlando Magic and rename it as the Houston Rockets).

Better than 20-ish wins this season definitely. '08 Seattle Sonics, KD rookie year, 20-62. '09 OKC Thunder, 23-59.

During J-Lins NY run he was 16-10 when playing significant minutes. Some of those games are with Carmelo and Amare or both though, if you want to nit pick.

I'm a believer in Lin's ability to inspire good play from teammates. Remember he was leading a bunch composed of Chandler, Jeffries, Fields, Shump, Novak, Bill walker, etc. to wins.

We all know how he was able to inspire his teammates to step up and compete, to play to their strengths and believe every game is a win-able ball game and actually win.

This bunch was even able to beat the LA Lakers, Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Metta World Peace and all. And with a big game from Kobe notwithstanding.

And he was doing this as an "end-of-the-bench" roster filler added somewhere in the middle of the season. Without knowing much about the team, his teammates, their plays, etc. Yet he was able to step up. That fact alone will tell you a lot about his character.

With the talent now in Houston, it's very exciting to think of what Lin's positive effect will be on the rest of the guys. Knowing he'll be able to spend an entire training camp with the guys, he'll be able to gel more with his teammates in contrast to his "inserted-midway-in-the-year-and-expected-to-lead" experience in NY. Can't wait to watch how this team plays together.

Other random thoughts (you may stop reading here.. he he)

Something to say about the new guys who could become significant:

J-Lin - Leadership will be his most important attribute and its not necessarily a vocal leadership. His fighting spirit on the court inspires teammates to fight and compete. Decent ball player that can make big plays.

Omer Asik - Tough. Will work and find a way to keep his opponents from scoring and that will be his most important contribution and we know it. Using his combination of length, spring, mobility, focus and desire he will be the team's defensive anchor. True that he still needs a lot of work but he's great to have on the team. Cheaper than DeAndre Jordan (11-ish mil per year) and Kendrick Perkins (costs slightly more) but may have the capability of contributing more or as good as either one.

Jeremy Lamb - Efficient offensive prowess. I hope he has the desire to play defense as well cause he has the length and athleticism to be effective. Some say he has a slight build but we've seen slight players like Reggie Miller, Rip Hamilton, and even our own Kevin Martin build NBA careers even without the so requisite size. Lamb is even longer and more "massive" than those 3. A good rebounding guard as well. Future star possibility.

Terrence Jones - Will surprise a lot. Can contribute so many things on the court. Has length, athleticism, leadership, toughness, and just good game. Capable of being very productive on the court. Will be one of the better offensive players on the team. I hope he turns out like a Len Bias type of player. May be used as a 3/SF. Future star definitely.

Read to appreciate:

Royce White - Playmaker very useful with the talent that surrounds him. Will bang and compete. I don't think size will be an issue since as they say the game is getting smaller and skill is now more important than the previously requisite towering height.

D-Mo - His confidence will enable him to reach his potential and be productive provided that he puts in the honest work. Will be one of the better offensive players on the team. Hopes he plays D as well.

JaJuan Johnson - Has talent and tools but is confused. A big man who thinks he's a swingman but he doesn't really have swingman skills. He may have some swingman skills, but that doesn't make him one. His best bet in staying in the league is if he decides to play like a Theo Ratliff, Marcus Camby, Serge Ibaka, long defensive type. His other skills will then be a big, big bonus. Supposedly wants out of the team with the current logjam at 4/PF. Needs to stop the "I'm like Kevin Durant" illusions.

Toney Douglas - Proven shooter and can be a defensive bull dog as well. His lack of playmaking skills may now become bearable with the playmaking talent that surround him at other spots in the form of White and Parsons.

On Marcus Morris:

Marcus Morris - Needs to find the confidence to play to his potential/strengths/talent. Deference to teammates cost him his growth in the NBA. Needs to take inspiration from Lin's "End of the bench to Significance" story.


Yancy Gates - 6'9" 280lbs 7'3" wingspan. Bullish bruiser and banger, mobile and dextrous, big yet explosive, good hands with soft touch. Definitely better than Greg Smith who is only 0.25 of an inch taller than him. Enforcer. Can be back up, 3rd center.

Eric Maynor - 6'2" Composed floor general, excellent from midrange in with jumpers, floaters, lay-ups. can shoot some. (OKC will never give him up but they may take one of our forwards in exchange though)

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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