Trading For Andrew Bynum Should Be Houston Rockets Focus In Dwight Howard Discussion

It's become clear that Dwight Howard is not exactly the kind of guy you want to build your franchise around, especially when there's basically no identity and a Jeremy Lin/Kevin Martin backcourt with Omer Asik defending the paint is what your organization is selling the fan base at the moment.

What's also become clear over the past few weeks is that the Rockets' infatuation with Howard is completely one-sided, and despite rumored efforts to get The Dream himself to recruit Howard to Houston, the whining, babyfied center in Orlando is demanding either Brooklyn or Los Angeles.

He's reportedly warned Houston of trading for him, claiming he'll head straight up I-45 to play with a Mavericks team that's almost as confusing as the Rockets. My thing is: who the hell has the patience to deal with Howard's requests at this point?

Isn't this the same guy who signed up for this unnecessary bull s*** in the first place, claiming loyalty and that whole ratchet s*** with lobbying to get Stan Van Gundy fired in the process?

What rational folks are making decisions based on Howard's opinion, when moving him around is so much more nuanced than that? For example, The Dream Shake's very own Patrick Harrel presented the idea of the Rockets trading for Howard anyway, despite him crying about it, so that Houston has him as a trading piece for Andrew Bynum this season. That sounds much more promising than the unlikely three-team deal that lands Howard in LA, Bynum in Houston, and whatever junk the Rockets were to send to Orlando.

Howard wants to go to the Lakers anyway (which we could not care less about), and the Lakeshow has what I believe to be the better big man (from a more practical perspective). See, the difference between Bynum and Howard is that Bynum actually marches to the beat of his own drum, and he doesn't talk like his career is being led by pairing with another superstar or playing in a big market.

Bynum's been there, done that. He's played with Kobe, a legend who has been critical of him from the start, but also a guy who led him to consecutive NBA titles (I think Bynum only played in the second one). Bynum's done the LA thing, carried the Playboy bunnies over his shoulder and the whole 9.

Bring that guy to Houston. He's almost as accomplished as Howard, with just as much upside and he's a little bit younger. Logic in this tells us that if a deal hasn't been done with Brooklyn or LA yet, then Houston still has a puncher's chance to pull this off.

Make no mistake about it. I'm sick of this story as much as the rest of you are and have no desire of even seeing Howard in a Rockets uniform, much less cheering for him. But read this part of my argument carefully:

Omer Asik is going to be our starting center for the indefinite future!

That's real as s*** to me right now.

If bringing Howard to Houston and having some awkward press conference at the Toyota Center means the Rockets have a better chance at trading for Bynum, so be it. And if Howard gets to Houston and realizes how dope the city is, and say, meshes with Jeremy Lin well and decides he wants to sign with the Rockets for the long haul, then we're all likely to change our tune.

We'll work up some revisionist history on why we hated him from the beginning, still glad to have him over Asik in the end.

But let's focus on Bynum, or at the least, let's be open to Morey pulling off this deal in spite of what Howard has to say about it.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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