Kevin McHale Reportedly 'Threw A Fit' After Rockets Lost Goran Dragic

February 29, 2012; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale prior to a game against the Utah Jazz at Energy Solutions Arena. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Super-important breaking news, you guys: Apparently Kevin McHale likes to coach GOOD PLAYERS with ALL-STAR POTENTIAL. On three, everyone together: Whow!

The New York Daily News — your one-stop home for all things Rockets and all things Kevin McHale — has the super duper inside scoop!

Houston coach Kevin McHale was said to have thrown a fit when the Rockets allowed their free agent playmaker, Goran Dragic, to go to Phoenix to replace the departed Steve Nash. McHale even lamented that the Rockets traded off another point guard, Kyle Lowry, with whom he often clashed, to the Raptors.

So now McHale has been reduced to hoping that Jeremy Lin is as good as his superiors believe the former Knick sensation will be in his second go-round for the Rockets. Publicly, McHale is toeing the company line on his newly-minted $25 million playmaker, saying all the right things. But coaching friends who have talked to him about Lin and the rebuilding Rockets have gotten the sense that this could be his final season in Houston.

So I guess all NBA fits now end with a letter of resignation? Is that the new protocol? *Sigh*.

It shouldn't take a genius to figure out that an "emotional outburst" is a reporter's best friend. Suddenly, a "fit" must signal that an NBA head coach is ready to change jobs, give up a good contract and leave one of the winningnest pro basketball organizations in the last ten years.

For all I care, I'm glad McHale isn't happy to see his better players move on. The guy is a born winner: He wants to win, and if winning comes into question, he is probably going to get really pissed off. You know what's really fun for a coach? LOSING.

It's no secret that while the Rockets may be "rebuilding" for the next few weeks until Dwight Howard talks spice up once again, they also want to win as soon as possible. Certainly McHale has been debriefed on what is going on, and perhaps this supposed fit took place before he could gather all the details. We'll look into this after another year has passed, but for now, skip gleefully into the week, ye 'Shakers.

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