some thoughts on rebuilding

1. I expect us to recieve a bag of peanuts for Scola. At this rate, even if we get nothing but expirings and a 2nd rounder, I would be happy. Worst Case Scenario, we cannot get rid of his contract by next years draft, amnesty him.

2. I also expect Daryl Morey to make a very good trade for Martin's expiring contract. Think a little like the Tracy Mcgrady trade.

3. I sure hope Cody Zeller is NOT the best big man in the draft, because if thats the case, we might as well trade our picks for the next years draft.

4. I really like DJ Augustin and Jerryd Bayless. Why not give them something like a 2 year, 10 million deal.

5. Next season, I am going to particularly focus on these guys stats : Royce White, Jeremy Lamb, Omer Asik (bulls dont want him, even bulls fans dont want him matched), Scott Machado (I think he would be an ideal change of pace backup PG, like JJ barea with better passing ability), Montiejunas.

6. Free Agents that Rockets MUST pursue next year: Stephen Curry, James Harder?, Ty Lawsom?,Tyreke Evans, DeMar DeRozan, Al Jefferson, Gerald Henderson, Paul George, Josh Smith, Gary Neal

7. I would love for Stephen Curry to sign with the Rockets. A lineup of Curry, Lamb, Parsons, Montiejunas, Asik would be a very solid, potential playoff team in 2014! YAY

8. I am partially supporting Daryl Morey. While I do like the fact that he is on some Moneyball shit, during rebuilding, teams need to focus on chemistry, maturation, and everything that doesnt have to do with efficient stats. If everything is done properly, I expect us to find ourselves in the playoffs in about 3-4 years. This means, drafting the best player available, signing a very good free agent, and having a solid team built around that.

9. I also would like Kevin Mchale to not be our coach, because I do not feel like he is a good mentor for a young team. I expect him to be shown the door next off season, so we can hire a better younger coach. I really wish at this point, that Dwayne Casey was our coach instead of Mchale. (Please beg to differ, but I think Morey's choice of Mchale over Casey was a very poor choice)

10. Last but not least, is it possible to start a petition for Morey to trade one of our non Argentinian forwards, (either Patrick Patterson, Terrance Jones, or Marcus Morris) for a guard? Cuz if I was Morey, thats the first thing I would do. Even if it is for some band-aid at the PG. (Patrick Patterson for Will Bynum and a pick?)

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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