What do we have here...

finally. Dwightmare's over. thank God.

ok, so moving on I'd like to imagine how our "bunch" will play...

who will these young guns play like? just to get an image of how they play on the court, and how they'll develop through the years...

Understand this though, to "play like" is not the same as "going to be as great as"...ok?

again "play like", NOT " as great as"... (although some of these guys can even be greater than their comparisons)

my take and the comparisons:

Jeremy Lin - Steve Nash like play, less long range shooting/3's, lower percentages, tougher body to take on more bumps and bruises, more spring for some dunks, less ball handling ability, MVP like value to the team, high character, high basketball IQ leadership

Omer Asik - Chris Dudley like rebounding with more spring and better foot speed and dexterity, same atrocious FT shooting, more offense with exciting dunks and put backs, solid interior defense with more swatting power, "no-fly-zone" anchor, leadership by effort and sacrifice, hustle

Royce White - a child born from the marriage of Magic Johnson and Corliss Williamson, nearly as many offensive/scoring skills and potential, more rebounding, less ball handling than Magic but still better handles than some shooting guards - instant coast-to-coast fast break machine, from the rebound to the pass. elite court vision. probably the first ever point power forward. real tough.

Terrence Jones - Antonio McDyess like with some Lebron and "bulked up" Scottie Pippen (appearance mostly hehe)...less offensive/scoring skills, less quickness than those 2 SFs but still quicker than most, less ball handling, shooting to be developed, his best path is if he takes a leadership role so that he puts all his gifts to use, potential lock down defender, may match up well defensively against long (KD) or strong (LBJ) SFs.

Jeremy Lamb - Allan Houston / Tracy McGrady like play. same length, shooting, athleticism. same silent assassin play, star potential, better defensive potential, better health hopefully

Donatas Motiejunas - Pau Gasol cross Andrea Bargnani - i dare say better long range shooting (the “swoosh “ quality of his 3 pt shot is just something else), more tenacity and toughness, in the long run will prove to be his own star

Chandler Parsons - Tayshaun Prince that plays more exciting, arms not as long but better shooting and just as good passing, one of the best team mates, very active and elite hustle player

Patrick Patterson - Al Horford / Antonio Davis almost same body, length, spring, speed and TOUGHNESS; better shooting and range, same defensive IQ ? , less passing skills than Horford

Scott Machado - can't think of any comparisons... although i'm not a fan of his attitude (downplaying another's success to build up his own confidence) , i do like how he makes plays for everybody else. he's the kind of player that will put to good use the other 4 guys on the floor and that should always be welcome on the team... seems competitive enough with... well so so offense/scoring skills... should be given a chance, and can i say built like a tank?

don't care much about the others

Kevin Martin must find his form back, return to his high efficiency scoring and shooting plus get to the line a lot again.

Marcus Morris will never be a SF, he should be used as a PF. im not really a fan so don't have much to say about him...well if his shooting is consistent he could be used as a shooting PF..

JaJuan Johnson will also never be a SF, he should also be used as a PF/C and put his length and spring to use, although he has moves,a mid range shot etc he's still not a 3, coaches must look beyond the reed like frame and realize that he's strong enough for minutes at the 4...

anyway if those guys insist that they should get minutes from the SF spot, they'll never be able to steal it from Parsons, Jones or White (i think White will play more as a PF though) or even Delfino if he ever comes aboard

Josh Harrelson if not waived could still be useful as a big who shoots well from long range and fights for rebounds. big man shooting = nice spacing, lane opportunities.

Shaun Livingston, is he really fully healed? i get scared every time he jumps. no kidding. can't stomach another twisted knee... though this cat has skills, is long, and a real talented guy, could still prove to be very useful.

Toney Douglas can now be more bearable with Parsons or White on the floor. Shooting consistency will be key but he could be the best on the ball defender on the team.

i don't see anybody else significant on the "roster". who knows what's next though...

anyway best way for the "top" guys to see playing time is for Motie to get minutes at C and P-Pat should also get some C time (like I said above, in a Horford/Davis capacity).

so that we don't have everybody fighting for the 48 mins at the PF spot

definitely there will be a lot of days when we'll see 3 PF's on the floor at the same time

a back up PG and another SG for injury insurance obvious necessities

easy to get excited about the Rockets. it's going to be a fun season. it's not going to be that bad. we all know that there is a lot of talent and athleticism on this team plus it's really a team full of high character guys (except Scott "NY boy" Machado of course..hehe)

will be all up to McHale now.. hopefully he'll be smart enough to use all his weapons well.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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