Jeremy Lin and the Transition Game

From les FanPosts. Enjoy! - Tom

Before anyone marks me as a Jeremy Lin hater and condemn me to a life of exile. I'd like to point out that before we even gave him an offer sheet to sign, I already had a Build-a-Bear, wearing a Rockets jersey named Bearemy Lin. That's right, folks I have a Build-a-Bear, big whoop wanna fight about it?

As a team on the rebuild, we have fresh young legs who are going to have to get out and run like there's no tomorrow. With Jeremy Lin at the helm, according to what we're provided with from the New York Knicks sample, it shows that he might have some difficulty.

On the offensive end, Lin's weakest area last season was his decision-making in transition. According to Synergy Sports, Lin was one of the worst players in transition, posting a PPP of 0.857, placing him in the bottom 12 percent of all NBA players.

Lin's Transition Turnovers

What was the problem? You guessed it. Turnovers. His turn over rate was about 26.7%, that's a turnover every four possessions. In transition, he seemed a tad rushed, often forcing passes that either miss the mark or land in congested passing lanes. Don't get me wrong, when he's running the PnR, he has the time to settle down, observe the defense and do the right thing to either score or dish to an open man. Which is a good thing for the Houston Rockets because we run them on 10.9% of possessions. Jeremy Lin prefers it too because he goes to it on 42.9% of his possessions.

So, what am I nagging about? Well, if we were looking at Lin at the herald while we had our previous roster, I wouldn't be saying much considering of the 94.1 possessions per game (good for 19th) only 12.7% of them were transition plays. Like I said in the beginning, with the rookies and the youth movement, we're going to expect this number to increase significantly. Especially from what we've seen from the Summer League, our team ran on 20.9% of our possessions, good for 5th in the league.

Relax though, this doesn't spell doom for the Rockets, even though we're not really gunning for the playoffs anyways. This is where the rookies come in. We have a lot of forwards who can definitely create transition breaks on their own, this is going to take the burden off of Lin in transition during the offense. Royce White is definitely the guy I'm going to look out for to help Lin in starting the fast break.

How does this fit overall for the Rockets rebuilding future? We have a team that's going to run. We signed a point guard whose obvious weakness was his turnovers and according to the numbers, his transition game. No sweat because we have just the rookies to solve this problem. It's looking pretty great, and I'm not even considering any improvement on Lin's part, which I'm pretty sure will target the turnover problem.

For the complete read which includes detail over the PnR and his defense;

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