Greg Smith replacement: Yancy Gates aka "The Hulk"

If we're going to use a roster spot, franchise resources and time on the development of a young big, may I recommend that we already drop the Greg Smith project and pick up this undrafted dude and sign him for the rookie minimum which isn't much at all (around 400-500k ?).

Both have the same physical dimensions 6'8"-ish without shoes. G.Smith 6'8.5" vs Y.Gates 6'8.25" (per Draftexpress). Wingspan same at 7'3". So both are 6'9"-ish with shoes. G.Smith around 250lbs, Gates at around 275lbs.

His good points:

He's huge but he's mobile, agile, has good spring, and explosive.

The guy is comfortable with his size and can move himself pretty well within the court.

Yancy Gates has something that Greg Smith will never have, and that's feel for the game. He has that low post feel of dribbling and backing down a player and turning into the lane for a jump hook. (see highlights) He could definitely prosper with McHale's tutelage.

Solid footwork and high percentage SOFT touch! excellent for the low post!

He's got the nasty in him and can be a leader on the court. Plays with a fire and competetiveness that I don't see in Greg Smith at all (Was a leader on the Cincinnati team).

Overall he's a more developed and well rounded basketball player. Solid post defender.

And of course the intimidating, enforcer factor. He'd be nice to have on the team.

Especially doing damage against second units/bench relievers as a kind of mini-Shaq.

Watch him and decide if you'd still rather want to waste payroll, time and a roster spot on Greg Smith.

Yancy Gates highlights

Yancy Gates Highlights - NBA draft player highlights

Yancy Gates Highlights (via NBAClipz)

Yancy Gates and Dion Dixon tribute invite video

Yancy Gates & Dion Dixon - Senior Night 2012 (via CincinnatiBearcats)

Proof of mobility, getting an interception and running the court for his size.

Steal and dunk vs Georgetown

Yancy Gates steal and dunk vs Georgetown (via 513official4)

Dunk vs Providence

Yancy Gates dunk vs Providence (via 513official4)

Proof of shooting touch: Plus this giant has the balls to nail buzzer beaters!

Handling the ball, bringing it down court and nailing the buzzer beater 3!

Yancy Gates 3 pointer at the end of the 1st Half (via LAInteresting)

Another buzzer beater 3!

Yancy Gates makes Buzzer beater to End 1st Half! UC! (via CatalystMusik)

Ok, ok, I've got a man crush on him but wouldn't you want him in Red Nation?

He'll be cheap and will definitely be a fan favorite once the highlights come pouring in.

Plus again, the damage he can do on second teams as a mini-Shaq. He could be useful down the line if he develops into something similar to an Antonio Davis or the All-Star version of Isaac "Ike" Austin.

Does anybody know Morey personally or anybody in the front office? Can someone please make this suggestion and make Yancy Gates a Houstoin Rocket before somebody signs this guy already. I know we already have a lot of guys in the roster but having good players (or potentially good players) will never be a bad thing.

Who knows with Gates as a Rocket, some here might just forget about their D-wama Howard obsessions.

By the grace of God, please make Yancy Gates a Houston Rocket.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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