Random observations from NBA's advance stat page now has a fancy shmancy new feature that presents advance stats. No longer do I have to go through hoopdata and basketball-references to find stats to argue with people about how good Kevin Martin is at putting up numbers, or how limited Blake Griffin really is on offense. It's no synergy sport's analysis package, which has more detailed scouting information, but it does provide a more detail look into player numbers in a neat nicely laid out, somewhat slow on basic internet connection, presentation. Specifically, the shooting stats categorized by areas is something we don't get to access normally. I took a stroll through the page, looked up some Rockets, some players I usually like for fantasy, and came away with some thought.

I think first and foremost , I must declare that numbers don't tell you everything. It's a game played by living, breathing, biological creatures. As organics, there's inherent gray areas that logic and statistics cannot explain. When Robot basketball becomes a thing, I'll let you know. However, stats does give you tidbits of information that you do not get from just watching the game, it provides a perspective that's a bit less biased than a person.

I've only looked at the shooting stats, and I'm not a math person by any stretch of imagination, so really I'm just looking at different %, surprising how much that one stat reveals.

Jump for the observation

Player Analysis wise

Kevin Martin

*essential stats you need to know when defending Kevin Martin

eFG%=(FGM + 0.5 * 3P) / FGA. Evaluate 3 and 2 on a even level, If 2/6 on 3pt is the same as 3/6 from 2pt, so 30% from 3pt land is essentially the same as 50% from 2pt land in this case.

TS%=pt / (2 *( FGA + 0.44 * FTA)). This takes your points score from 3 and free throws both into acount

  • Kevin Martin is horribly un-clutch, especially last season. Here's a guy who is a model of efficiency, even during a bad season he posted a eFG% around league average (48.6% to league average 48.9%) and a TS% slightly above(55% to league average 52%), but his clutch eFG% is 15%. It means last season he simply did not make shots in clutch situations, granted he doesn't get the ball much in those situations last season, but even in the season prior his eFG% drops a whopping 10% in the clutch.
  • Kevin Martin shot more above the break 3 than any other types of shot. This is a surprise since I've always though Kevin Martin took mostly mid-range jumpers, which he does, but apparently he likes that long ball. This contributes heavily into his fall in scoring last season because his percentages from out there dropped from a respectable 38% to a pedestrian 33%.
  • Kevin Martin had a lower defensive rating in the clutch last season, which mean opponents scores less on him in the clutch. How much of this is because he's no longer tasked with guarding the tough players, I am not sure.

Chandler Parsons

  • Parsons should stick to the corner 3. Parsons shot a damn good 43% on the corner 3s, but a woeful 28% from above the break. Take a page from the 3 page brochure that is the Bruce Bowen playbook, and just shoot 3s from the corner.
  • Parsons is a better shooter than I gave him credit. Somehow, Parsons manage to be pretty close to the league average TS% (51.3% to league average 52.8%) despite his embarrassing FT% of 55%. That means he's actually not bad at making shots, and his respectable 37% from mid-range can attest to that, it also helps that he's a terrific finisher at the rim at 61% in the restricted area.
  • Parsons make you shoot jumpers poorly. Kobe, Durant, Ellis, Dirk, if you love jumpers, specifically mid-range jumpers, Parsons got your number there, consider beating him else where.

General observation on the Rockets

  • Our guards shoot face up 3 pointers a lot. Kevin Marin, Kyle Lowry has attempted more shots from above the break(downtown as I like to call it) than any other area. While that's common, it's 37% of Lowry's offense, 33.5% of Martin's offense, and 27.5 % of Dragic's offense. It's among the least desirable shots percentages wise, and certainly is not a recipe for winning scoring titles. For comparison purposes, shots from the same area makes up 20%, 17%, 18% of Chris Paul, Melo, Kobe Bryant's offense. Players that uses those shots in comparable amount % includes Stephon Curry at 33%, Deron Williams at 30%, Manu Ginobili at 35%. In fact, among top 20 guards in points scored per game, only Deron Williams, Marcus Thornton, and James Harden uses that shot for over 30 % of their offense. Sidenote, shots from that area are 40% of James Harden's offense, which frankly scares me a lot. Linsanity does not exactly excel at this area shooting 29% from out there, so hopefully we reign the 3 happy offense back a bit.
  • 5 to 15ft is a dead zone for us. Truth is rarely anyone use these shots as a main weapon anymore, but to find virtually no one on the team that plays regularly shot over 40% in that area is frankly shocking. Either we're really good at getting shot closer to the basket, or we're not very good in the post. Lin on the other hand is awesome at this area, a trait I'd love for him to maintain, as top PGs like CP3, Steven Nash, and Wesbrook are able to do. It's no fix for excellent post play, but it'll work well during regular season.
  • Luis Scola was one even M____erF___er. 25% of team points, 25% of team field goal attempts, 25% of team free throw attempts, 24% of team rebound, and 24% team turn overs, pretty much 1/4 of everything offensively. Who will take that share or the pie, now that ice-cream man is in Arizona?
  • Chandler Parson shot as many shots in clutch situations as Kevin Martin last season. 27 to 26 and Parsons made more shots.

Weirdest clutch numbers I've ever seen

  • Kevin Durant, the franchise player of the Thunder, have pretty much every single one of his advance stats elevated in the clutch, while Russell Wesbrooks has the opposite trend in the 2012 playoffs.

Sidenote: Kevin Durant's nickname in China is "Thunder Emperor". I don't know about you guys, but that sounds a hell of a lot cooler than Durantula.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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