While NFL Appreciate The Real Refs, Let's Hate On NBA Refs Before The Season Begins

Two refs look at each other for a brief moment, seemingly synchronized their thoughts with just a look, then puts up opposite signs on a play that decides the outcome of the game. It's a moment of incompetence so iconic that I want an animated GIF of it on every single TMZ report. It's a call that set the media world on fire. I even heard it discussed on a tech podcast, where a topic about sports is more alien than topics about alien itself. It has got to be one of the worse officiating calls ever! At least those refs are just scabs not the real refs.

As a NBA fan, I can only shake my head, because stuff like this happens all the time in the NBA, and the official that makes those terrible calls half the time are some of the most experienced and seasoned referees in the league.

When you talk NBA officials, and not everyone does, you have to talk about Joey Crawford. Joey Crawford trolls everyone that's not the Lakers or Lebron James, and Joey Crawford has raised bad officiating to an artform. If you watched a game against a better known team and felt like the free throw attempt disparity is a bit large, chances are Joey Crawford worked that game.

Remember that time the entertainer formerly known as Ron Artest was ejected without any warning or prior technical foul for telling him Kobe elbow his throat? Youtube does.

You could call that reasonable, Metta Peace was not exactly peaceful back then. It's hardly the worst ejection call he's ever made.

Sometimes he's looking at a different game from the rest of us

Sometimes the man even gets into the action himself, it's ridiculous. Notice the hesitation of the announcer before he said the foul is on Billups

Why make Joey Crawford the whipping boy of the NBA officiating, when the rest of the NBA officials makes their own share of questionable calls? Here are some terrible call against the Rockets that's so bad people submitted video evidence.

I'm not sure what Bob Delaney's beef is with the Rockets, but he sure do us no favors.

Here he is making a wrong call AFTER reviewing the video evidence, also some obligatory terrible calls on Yao Ming, because the 7ft 5 guy is always at fault.

Here he is giving model citizen Shane Battier a technical, then allow Aaron Brooks to be slammed to the floor with no call

I'm sure Joey Crawford is a fine person, and not the devil's spawn we make him out to be. Bob Delaney probably made other calls in other game that's beneficial to us, and he's not shaving point or anything. I know officiating is not easy real time and the officials are only human, but bad calls are almost expected in the NBA. People called out the NFL replacement refs for 3 weeks of bad officiating. Make no mistake, those calls were bad, but after watching these, are they really any worse than these seasoned NBA ref?

*I do not own any of these video, thank the great people that upload these videos on to Youtube by clicking on their channel.

Who else can we hate on?

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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