Um, hi! Was Wondering About Machado, and uh, Hi!

Hi y'all. It's me, Fuhry from the land of P&T. I'm fanposting on another SB nation site. I feel slightly dirty, but what the hell.

I have two obsessions as a basketball fan - I'm not talking about team obsessions, but skill obsessions. One is rebounding. The other is point guards.

To me, what makes a great point guard is a great mystery. GM's can look at things like shooting percentage, speed, handle, hops, size, even assists, and try to make a determination as to who will have success at the point guard position. But one thing they don't seem to be able to or interested in measuring is the mental makeup of the player, the player's heart, the player's balls.

As a Knick fan whose team has not seen a high pick in decades, I've made a sport out of searching through the weeds for guys who are not highly regarded point guard prospects, and yet who will, in fact, become great NBA point guards. I love those players that maybe aren't as athletic or as highly heralded, who do nothing but succeed on the basketball court, and who need 3 years to get a chance because talent evaluators refuse to believe what they are seeing.

And so, I thought I would come on here and see if I could find out something about my current obsession, Scott Machado. And then I started looking at Chrive's gif posts and feeling an odd melange of sentimentality, betrayal, jealousy, and secret joy. OK, I like the Rockets. Hi! Damn you! Damn you all.

But the reason I originally came on here is that, in my continued weed-scouring for the hidden point guard gems of the NBA's underbelly, I'm fascinated by Scott Machado, recently cut by the Rockets. I know he lead the nation in assists in college and he's a pass first guy. I also know he had at least one very good preseason game. I also know that no one seemed to want to bring him to camp but the Rockets, and the Rockets just cut him.

So what's you're take on what you saw from Scott?

I'm currently having a fantasy that the Knicks will pluck Machado from the scrap heap, sign him for the rest of the year, and he'll end up being a top quality NBA point guard. The sweet irony and symmetry would just be awesome. I'm happy with Ray Felton, but Ray's injured right now, so I'm in fantasy land.. I have these sort of fantasies all the time, and they almost never come true (see Douglas, Toney) but then again, (see Lin, Jeremy).

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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