Houston Rockets vs. Brooklyn Nets game preview

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The Rockets take on the Nets for the first time since they moved the Brooklyn. The game will take place in Houston though.

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Apparently the Rockets are playing what is called a "home" game tonight. I'm not really sure, but I'm pretty sure that means they're playing on the road.

In a vacuum, you've got to like the Rockets chances tonight. The good guys are coming off a morale-boosting win over a team that sent them into a slump. The Nets are coming off a 24 point loss last night to the Grizzlies and will be getting into Houston later than the Rockets most likely.

But games aren't playing in a vacuum. The Nets are 10-2 in January even with that loss and have been playing much better with P.J. Carlisemo.

The Rockets are approximately 2-10,000 in January and who's the coach again? Am I saying that right? "Coach?"

Sidebar: what does it mean when the other team doesn't score over 100 points? I'm just not used to seeing it. I've heard legends that it's possible, but that's like a "Yeah, the Elder Wand does exist" kind of myth right?

It's Saturday, so it's one sentence matchups day!

Tip off is at 7pm CST.


Point Guard: Jeremy Lin vs. Deron Williams

Lin played extremely well against the Hornets, but still got stuck in the lane on his drives more than I would have liked, which is picking nits really.

Advantage: Nets

Shooting Guard: James Harden vs. Joe Johnson

Remember when Rockets fans wanted Morey to throw $120 million at Johnson (you know who you are)?

Advantage: Rockets

Small Forward: Chandler Parsons vs. Gerald Wallce

Ultra-intriguing matchup between two small forwards that can do a little bit of everything.

Advantage: Even

Power Forward: Patrick Patterson vs. Reggie Evans

Evans has always been a monster on the boards, but if Patterson gets his groove back we're in for a treat.

Advantage: Rockets

Center: Omer Asik vs. Brook Lopez

After facing Robin, Omer takes on Batman Brook tonight.

Advantage: Nets


Rockets: Toney Douglas, Carlos Delfino, Greg Smith, Marcus Morris, Patrick Beverley

Nets: Kris Humphries, Andray Blatche, C.J. Watson, MarShon Brooks, Keith Bogans

Advantage: Even

Prediction: Rockets win 103-94

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