Crush Post #2: Do not touch the Beard...

I've heard that there've been too many Lin-centric posts lately - maybe there have been, maybe not - BUT for the sake of pleasing BD34 (yes, somehow it always starts with him, doesn't it?) I've decided that our soft-spoken SG All-hail James Harden deserves some fanpost love.

Don't take me seriously. If you're looking for stats and all those boring stuff, leave this page.

So where do we start? Ah, from the beginning...

Who dares tell James Harden to Jeremy Lin? No one - don't you even dare.



He's fine being James Harden, thank you very much - that Euro-stepping, strip-club visiting (SMH) foul-magnet - yeah, he has been that - a semi-superstar we've taken from under OKC's nose. THAT is how I see it - if you disagree, I do not care.

We love him for who he is AND what he does on the court:


Dropson called this Dream Shake - 2013 edition.


A Lin steal that led to a Harden dunk against the Hornets.


Harden slamming on Gordon Hayward of the Jazz.


Parsons-Harden PnR against the Lakers (January 8,2013)

Harden Eurostep Clinic ('gifs courtesy of Gblee@Tumblr):

First, The Harden show...


Lin's attempt...


AND CP's attempt...


They have much to learn...

James is deceptively quiet on court, I think; quiet but lethal.


I think ak2 coined this term - at one point - when we just acquired James Harden.

I really can't imagine him without the beard... wait...

Tumblr_mg04zfqpst1rhpt5ro1_250_medium Tumblr_mg04zfqpst1rhpt5ro2_250_medium

Pretty interesting.

That beard is the envy of a certain PG


Yes... I love the chemistry between James and Jeremy - who wouldn't?

Tumblr_me4fqhzbqd1rltj1vo1_250_medium Tumblr_me4fqhzbqd1rltj1vo2_250_medium


Just to cap off this fanpost, I am still upset that we haven't won a game against OKC.



James deserves a win against them, but hey, it's OKC?



Dear Patrick, please don't scold or ban me for putting this .gif up. It just seems appropriate. I will remove it if you say so, of course.

(.gif credits to andreakate, nbadeditz and justjeremylin at Tumblr)

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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