Game 4 Recap, Magic vs Rockets

Since the main staff is still not posting game recaps yet, here goes.

General theme : Rockets open up sluggish, after 2 good possession to start the game, they started to stagnate and most of the remainder of the game they alternated between short burst of good play with a lot of sluggish mud war, though more often than not they were in the lead, the lead rarely extended into double digits.

Biggest overall problem : post entry pass remains horrendous, a lot pass were either tipped, floaters caught in bad position, or by the time Dwight got them there were 6 seconds left on the clock. I'm fairly sure this would be the #1 thing they work on in the next few days, defense also sagged out quite a bit today as we gave up a lot more open 3s.


Dwight : he has struggled to some extend in the last few games, but the more i look at it the more it looks like to be more at the fault of post entry passing and him experimenting with some things than anything else. he got 3 block shots and 1 block assist in under 18 min, which is obviously great. Also great, he was 4-6 from the line (66.6%) how his post game plays out in the remaining pre-season is a major point of observation.

Harden : I'm guessing that McHale at this point is basically saying to him "James, get 21 points and take the rest of the game off" since he has gotten exactly 21 points every pre-season so far, there's not much to say at this point, his issues (post entry passing and defense) was bad all around this game, and the former part he was actually somewhat better than the other guys.

Beverley : he played the second most minutes today, essentially the same things remain true, he's very active and got to a lot of balls, his spot up is good, but when creating offense himself it becomes a lot more tricky, he was 2-2 from 3, but 2-5 inside the arc. and also coughed up 4 turnovers to just 3 assist. it's effective overall (+11) but you would like to see him be able to get all the way to the rim in half court situation sometimes.

Casspi : well he finally cooled off, shooting 2-10 (and started 0-8) , however, he was also +12 in 29 min, the highest on the team in both, his ability to grab rebound is very surprising. it was showing last year in Cleveland too at 13% he would have grabbed almost as often as Jones and only a bit less than Aldrich last year . suffice to say we'll probably point to this signing as another one of those Morey's crazy insight.

Garcia : did Garcia things , quietly threw up 11 points (on 3-5 from 3) 2 rebound, 4 assist to 1 turnover (!) and a couple steal. +10 , I guess this tells us that Sac-town players are the new market inefficiency?

Dmo: he had a horrendous early game with turnovers , bad defense and missed shots everywhere, and looked like he was completely gassed , however to his credit he did come back a lot stronger late in the game and made a 3, one thing that has perked my attention so far with Dmo is that he seem to have gotten a lot better on the boards, as he had 8 today in 24 min, that'll go a long way from not turning into the next Bargs or Yi Jian Lian I'd say. I'm pretty sure the offense will get there eventually.

Jones : not unlike D-mo, some ugly moments with some redeeming once, overall shot poorly as he went 3-7 with no 3 point shots (but did get to the line twice and made all 4) .

Brooks : after a horrendous start to the pre-season Brooks have steadily gotten better, today was a really nice performance as he got more time with Lin out, he had a team high 5 assist in 21 min of play (Casspi also had 5) and only 1 turnover and hit 2-3 from deep, unfortunately he also went 0-5 from inside the arc, his offensive profile is a lot like Beverley, though a bit better handle .

Williams : finally making his first appearance, he looked a bit rusty going 3-8 (1-5 from 3) , but at least he looked comfortable in chucking up the shots, I'm not entirely sure how he makes the roster at this point with Garcia and Casspi playing the way they do and that I feel Brooks inherently having an edge over him (i still maintain as I have for awhile now that it's him and Camby being the last 2 cuts. with possibly Covington subbing Camby.) . but certainly even if he does get cut playing well in these few remaining games would go a long way to helping him land somewhere else.

Brewer : did Brewer things, only took 1 shot (but it was a and 1) in 18 min but stuffed up the stat sheet pretty well.

Covington Canaan : both still bricking all their shots , with only Covington hitting a put back and got a foul, I like what I see from Covington to some extend but he needs to hit his open 3s for those other things to matter.

Things still want to see :

1. Omer and Smith

2. Omer and Dwight

3. competent post entry pass

4. more half court lobs.

5. more consistent defense

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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