The Lost Art of the Quick Decision

If you go through every video of every great, you see one transverse line or POINT or digression or topical palaver!

Make Quick Decisions.

Hakeem Olajuwon. God of the Post-Up. Mantra: Make sure you know what you're doing and prepare a counter. Make it quick. Your decision, right or wrong, depends on how quick you execute.

Pete Marovich: People think that Nash is the Point God. Or CP3. But the real Point God is Pete Marovich. His specialty? Jump up and make the pass. It causes people to commit. Here's an excerpt from Julius Irving's new book

Playing one-on-one with Pete is an experience. He's got the kind of shooting range that I've never seen before. He can shoot it consistently out to 35 feet, but if I'm going to go out there and defend that, then he'll cross-me up on the dribble and get a lay-up or dunk. Pete has some great ups, and while he's not known for getting to the rim, he throws some nice dunks down in our games, his red hair flapping in the hot Georgia air. One of the things that makes Pete so great is his hang time, and no one talks about that. He can leave the floor and sort of stay up there long enough to make a good pass out of the play, or fake one way and then pass another. That's something coaches have been discouraging me from doing my whole life. I can remember only one exception: During my rookie season in the ABA we played the Kentucky Colonels, and Adolph Rupp, the legendary coach who was working for the team as a special consultant, comes into our locker room after the game and says to me, "Young man, I've coached all my career and taught guys never to leave their feet and make decisions after they're airborne. I watched you do it tonight, and I'm changing my philosophy."

Well, Pete will make everyone change that philosophy.

This applies a lot to the Rockets.

Howard's post up moves are ungraceful, and lacks counter moves. But all that can be dispersed if he's faster. So what if the opponent can guess his move? He's FASTER.

LIn gets a lot of flak for making decisions while in the air. But is that really such a bad thing? No one seems to mind when he makes the pass. Is it really a turnover or aggressiveness? People argue what Lin's strengths are. Some say court vision. Some say it isn't there. Some say he can't shoot. Some say he can. Most say that he's deceptively quick. So what if it's sometimes the wrong decision? As long as the assists are more than the turnovers, do it. As long as it's fast and in the spirit of the attack. Do it.


PS. i'm batman.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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