Josh McRoberts or Paul Millsap: The Next Houston Rocket PF of the Future?



Before you read why McBoB (Josh McRoberts) is full of Morey-lust, you've got to read OJ_ATM's excellent article on Asik's trade possibilities. It's a comprehensive and well-written study at the likelihoods of nearly every facet of an Asik Trade. Since it was so well written, I've decided to steal a good portion of his work for personal use! So READ HIS ARTICLE.

Ready? Okay.

Paul Millsap :Atlanta Hawks

OJ wrote about the PROS, which I don't care about. It's good to know but the more important thing is that the bastard is 28 years old. And he can't shoot.

He's not in my list of best Mid-range shooters.

You can see the full list over at the site. It's listed by zone. Here's the link to this year. From here on in, you're going to have to trust my numbers as I do not want to upload all the data. If you want to see the methodology on who's the best mid-range shooter, you can see it here.

Millsap does not reliably year-in, year out, shoot more than 40% on his midrange jumpers. He does not even approach this number. And he takes a lot of it. If you took out his Utah years, as a Hawk he's taking a majority of his shots as a mid-range JUMP-SHOT (120), and he's made like less than 38% of it. Terrible numbers. As far as his three point ability, he is sporadic.

Before you jump to the link, pay attention to the zones. This year he is 42% from above the break (13/31), and 30-33% from the corners (1/3 and 3/10). Pretty fantastic right? Please click through to last year or the year before. LINK

Don't want to do the homework? I've done it for you. The year before, he was 60% from the corners (3/5) and 7/28 from above the break (25%). The year before he was 1/5,2/5 (33% and 40%) from the corners and chucked terribly above the break. Wild NUMBERS.

If you flip through his yearly shot chart, you'd see that isn't a reliable 3pt shooter. Even from the wings. He's had seasons where he totally could not hit jackshit. He's a banger with an unreliable shot, be it midrange OR from the arc.


The rest of OJ's article talks about Thaddeus Young which is an oversized SF who plays the PF because he has no 3pt range. So No to Thad. There's Amir Johnson, who's really great statistically. i'm just not sure how Morey would swing that. Masai Ujiri isn't exactly an idiot.


The Main Enchilada

Now we're gonna discuss McBob. If you are going to take a chance, why not on Mr. Bobcat? Since the Pelicans are being assholes and won't give up Ryan Anderson. And the Bucks are still holding on to their dream of being knocked off by the Heat and won't give up Ersan the Ugly. Morey's left with very few PFs that can knock down multiple threes. There's Hawes. And then there's McBob. While Hawes is the better shooter, McBob is a better passer. Looking at the yearly data and accounting for the fact that McBob got bounced from team to team, the supposition is that increased touches and minutes would uncover a POINT FORWARD type creature with an unknown quantity at shooting the three. On a per 48 minute basis, Josh McRoberts is averaging 6.8 Assists! That's more than Joakim Noah! My conclusion: If we're gonna take a chance, why not do it with McBob instead of Hawes?

Here's there side by side comparison.

The Problem here is the FT% which is lowish. But anything above 50% is still a win in my opinion.

(i have no opinion. I think the Asik situation has forced Morey to gamble EARLY. If it is a gamble, gamble hard. Gamble on the Point Forward.)

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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