Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors game preview

Um Andrew, it's called a "high" five. - USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets and Warriors return to the scene of the crime from a week ago.

Houston Rockets Tickets

Suddenly, these two teams "hate" each other.

Really, the Rockets have been making enemies with their style of play. First it was the Jazz and the 45 point beating (grins uncontrollably) on their home court. Millsap and some of the other Jazz players were butthurt about that one.

Now, the Warriors hate the Rockets for, you know, taking advantage of their poor defensive effort to the tune of 23 three-pointers. I mean, how dare the Rockets try to take 3s?!

Here was my thing: when you're winning big, you don't want to drive because it opens you up to hard fouls. I'd rather jack up threes until the game ends than drive and let them hurt someone potentially. I'm not saying the Warriors would have fouled hard, mainly because Draymond Green said it for me. Asshole.

I thought that going 2-1 on this road trip would be great, and I assumed we'd beat the Kings. However, as BD stated, they got hot and beat the good guys even though the Rockets really didn't do anything wrong.

Now, 1-2 would be great, but I think the Warriors want this one way too much, and their fans will egg them on.

Tip off is at 9:30pm CST.


Point Guard: Jeremy Lin vs. Stephen Curry

This one still goes to Steph. He's like, really good at basketball.

Advantage: Warriors

Shooting Guard: James Harden vs. Klay Thompson

One of the knocks on the starting 5 for the Warriors is their lack of athleticism. That starts to get a little racial, but I'll just say that those knocks aren't unfounded. Thompson isn't exactly Chandler Parsons, who is white and athletic.

Advantage: Rockets

Small Forward: Chandler Parsons vs. Harrison Barnes

I mistakenly gave Barnes and Parsons an even last game then Parsons dominated.

So I should give Parsons the advantage this time, right?

False. Because otherwise Banes will go off. So it's even again!

Advantage: Even

Power Forward: Patrick Patterson vs. David Lee

I expect David Lee to a big reason why the Warriors win tonight.

He's too good to be silent again, and the Rockets have proven that back-to-back scorers can have success against them. Lee isn't necessarily great at that, but against the Rockets a lot of people play a lot better than they are.

And David Lee doesn't need our help to be really good.

Advantage: Warriors

Center: Omer Asik vs. Andrew Bogut

Bogut was the one who took real offense to the Rockets taking all the threes, with a tweet saying (basically), "We'll see you next Thursday."

Nice guy.

Advantage: Even


Rockets: Toney Douglas, Carlos Delfino, Marcus Morris, Patrick Beverley, Cole Aldrich

Warriors: Carl Landry, Draymond Green, Richard Jefferson, Jarrett Jack

Advantage: Warriors

Prediction: Warriors want it too much, win 111-102.

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