Crushpost 3.1: Omer the Tower of Power

Okay. Since the first crush post on Omer is closed, here's the continuation. It's awesome when Shakers ask for these, by the way.

So I dipped my pinkie over at Blog a Bull and found this, from which i found this:


Asik was the Bulls' biggest loss this offense, literally and figuratively, but retaining him would have been a tall order. Because of a provision in the CBA, the Houston Rockets were able to engineer a 'poison pill' contract for Asik -- they couldn't pay him more than $5 million per season in the first two years of the deal, so GM Daryl Morey decided to pay him what amounts to a maximum salary in the third year of a three-year deal. To say this was unexpected for someone who had never averaged more than 3.1 points per game would be putting it lightly.

No one in Houston is complaining over Asik's contract now. The 26-year-old center has been a revelation for the Rockets this season, using a large bump in playing time to post some big production for the Rockets. Asik never averaged more than 14.7 minutes per night during his two seasons in Chicago, but he's playing just a shade under 30 minutes for the Rockets. For a guy who always seems to have endurance issues on the Bulls, this is a bit of a surprise.

Asik is taking 5.8 shots per game at the rim this season,according to HoopData, and he's converting 60 percent of them. In Chicago, he never even took two shots per game at the rim. While his blocks have gone down, his defense is still very good. Perhaps most importantly: Asik's fouls per minute are way down. He averaged five fouls per 40 minutes in 2011-2012 on the Bulls, now he's only fouling 3.6 times per 40 minutes.

I don't know how to interpret that graph - my brain refuses to process Math - of any kind.

Anyway, Omer is just O-some. I'm happy he's a Rocket and not a Bull.

What is there to be happy about, you say?

Rebounds? No problem.


This gif was from February 3 - a lot of rebounds from Omer since then.

We've been treated to dunk...


after dunk...


after dunk...


that we sort of expect them now.

He's been working on his other shots?


The dribble drive against the Warriors


And yet, we sometimes forget Omer.

He deserves


more than just invisible low-fives.

See... he's there , too.


I will call Omer Tower of Power from now on.

His height is downright menacing.


I do dream of the Rockets having their Twin Towers... which leads me to DoMer.

Too fangirly? I don't care.


So, Shakers, like all of the other crush posts so far, this is a "Stick-it-There" fanpost. Find anything interesting about Omer - link? Stick it here. Memes? Stick it here. .Gifs? YES, stick it here. Catching my drift?

Cool... let's go!


(HUGE thanks to the O-mazing OJ for the meme pic of CP and O and to andreakate and jaypride001 for the .gifs)

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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