What happens if we get Dwight this offseason...

So I think we've all come to terms with the fact that Dwight Howard is the apple of Daryl Morey's eye. It seems pretty much inevitable that we're going to offer him his max contract the second free agency opens up and with each passing day it's looking more and more likely that we could end up landing him.

So the question here is what do we do with Omer Asik if/when Morey finally lands his prize? I know we have all come to love Omer in spite of his offensive short comings(though he is improving very quickly), but an 8 million dollar cap hit is REALLY steep for a back up center.

I'm going to preface this by saying that I'm not a great numbers guy, but from what I understand right now the cap hit each year for Asik and Lin is the average yearly salary as opposed to each season's individual salary so that the 3rd season of the poison pill contract doesn't kill our cap space. I'm wondering about how that would work if we trade them. Would the team getting Omer get the same cap hit we would, or would they have the cap hit of each seasons salary? That's the only thing I could see holding back this deal, which is:

Houston gets: Ryan Anderson
New Orleans gets: Omer Asik and draft picks(maybe a protected future first or a couple of seconds)

A straight up swap of these two works money wise because they have basically the same cap hit. We would do this trade for obvious reasons: Stretch-4 that can run the floor, spaces the floor well and can hit the three. He's really a perfect fit for our Pick-and-Roll half court scheme(Plus he had he best season next to Dwight in Orlando). I really think New Orleans would consider this deal for 2 reasons: The first is the obvious upgrade they'll be getting at the 5. Robin Lopez is a nice player on a relatively cheap contract, but he's basically a poor man's Omer Asik. The second reason is that it will give Anthony Davis more playing time in his second season so he can realize his full potential and take over that team next season.

So ideally our rotation next season could look something like this:

PG: Lin, Beverley
SG: Harden, J. Anderson
SF: Parsons, Delfino
PF: R. Anderson, PPatt, Morris
C: Howard, Smith

So what say you Dream Shakers? Am I an idiot? Might this work? Could this team compete for a Championship? Let me know!

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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