Andrew Bynum: Rockets Backup Center

I think in bullet points.

1. Sixers scrapped their Front Office. Along with the Bynum Fiasco, that means the sixers aint resigning Bynum.

2. Bynum aint playing this season. That means his value goes down. He's going to be looking at a 1-2 year contract next year. For example, Dikembe Mutombo played 24 games for the Nets. After being waived he signed a 2 year contract with the Knicks. Basically 8-10 million a year for 2 years for a 37 year-old. Just randomly guessing, for Bynum it would be 8-10 mill a year.

Because Bynum hasn't played at all this year, a 1 year contract might be all Bynum can gain on the market. It might be his best move. No one is going to offer a multimillion/year max without seeing the CAR being driven on the ROAD. Waiting a year would allow him to be on the 2014 market.

If I had to guess, the contract that Bynum wants would be a 2 year contract with a player option on the last year. If he dominates when he comes back, he can go directly into UFA mode and get that big multiyear contract. If he sucks, he gets another year to prove himself (less competitive market in 2015, as well).

So for 8-10 million a year? Why not?

Of course, you go after Dwight. That's never going to happen but you always go after Superstar UFAs. It's never gonna happen but hey, pigs can fly.

The only problem is that the 2014 crop of free agents is really tasty and offering bynum a 2nd year player option would hamper the Rox's cap space. A decreased salary for the 2nd year would help both sides.

So that's my way-to-early prediction.

We're getting bynum.


Additonal Research:

(The 2013 supply of Centers is good for Bynum to be in. Not a lot of UFAs, big names)

You've got Dwight, Dejuan Blair, Hansborough, Dalembert.

Unfortunately the 2014 supply of centers is GIANT.

Jordan hill, bogut, okafor, favors, monroe...

The 2015 Market Supply is less competitive.)

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