Glen Rice Jr: Budding d-league gem

So after following the progress of Royce White in the D-league, I've become familiar with most of the players there. One guy that kept popping out to me is Glen Rice Jr. He actually looks and fills a role very similar to Jeremy Lamb - he's an athletic 6-6 shooting guard with a halfro and an innocent look. I became interested, especially since all the call-up buzz seems to be centered around Andrew Goudelock, another shooting guard that can score at a high rate but is much shorter than Glen Rice. Turns out Goudelock has been putting up numbers for a lot longer than Glen Rice Jr., but the numbers that Rice is putting up are quite impressive. Take a look:

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Total Games
Min ppg rpg apg spg bpg topg pfpg assist/turnover
Nov 16 - Dec 21 11.13 5.63 3.75 0.38 0.63 1.00 0.63 1.25 0.60
Dec 29 - Jan 23 9.75 4.00 2.75 0.63 0.13 0.38 0.75 2.00 0.83
Jan 26 - Feb. 13 29.11 15.44 7.56 2.89 0.89 0.67 2.22 2.22 1.30
Feb. 22 - Mar 16 33.00 19.70 9.10 2.60 1.70 0.70 1.80 2.40 1.44
Per 36 minutes points reb assists steals blocks turnovers fouls
Nov 16 - Dec 21 18.20 12.13 1.21 2.02 3.24 2.02 4.04
Dec 29 - Jan 23 14.77 10.15 2.31 0.46 1.38 2.77 7.38
Jan 26 - Feb. 13 19.10 9.34 3.57 1.10 0.82 2.75 2.75
Feb. 22 - Mar 16 21.49 9.93 2.84 1.85 0.76 1.96 2.62
Shooting Stats Overall 3pt ft
Nov 16 - Dec 21 0.517 0.231 0.667
Dec 29 - Jan 23 0.345 0.200 0.818
Jan 26 - Feb. 13 0.536 0.444 0.625
Feb. 22 - Mar 16 0.456 0.381 0.765

Anyway, my apologies if the formatting sucks but a few things stick out from the stats:

1) Glen Rice Jr. is a great rebounder for his position, and has been regardless of the minutes he has played. 10 rebounds per 36 minutes is pretty much what you can expect from him in the D-league. I was surprised to learn this because his minutes mostly got bumped due to players leaving the D-league and getting traded to other teams and the vipers having a shortage of bigs later in the year - he has been rebounding well no matter who he has played with.

2) Rice scores at a high rate. Period. 20 points per 36 minutes is good stuff. This is another stat that did not change significantly (except for that crappy 8-game stretch he had Dec. 29 - Jan. 23) over the course of the season.

3) His fouls and turnovers are down as his minutes have increased, and his 3 point shooting is NBA quality.

Otherwise, Glen Rice Jr.'s stats are unremarkable. It's hard to tell if his defense is quality, but from the eye test he's a 6'6 shooting guard with great athleticism - at least the tools to be an NBA wing defender should be there. I'm not the kind of guy who can spot lateral quickness on youtube videos, sorry...

Anyway, this guy will definitely get a shot at a training camp somewhere next year. I for one hope the Rockets think about him - not too many shooting guards can rebound at that level, and it almost makes me feel like Jeremy Lamb didn't go anywhere in the first place.


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