The Story of Mchale As I see It So Far.

1. Mchale hates turnover in his roster. His roster has been flipped several times since last year. Lost Lowry. Lost Dragic. Lost Scola. Lost Morris. Lost Patterson.

chron article

When asked how he felt about the turnover, he said, "You'll have to ask Daryl."

Granted, an innocuous answer but still, not a ringing endorsement of Morey's way.

2. Bballbreakdown stated on twitter stated that a GM's decision and a coaching staff's wants are sometimes wildly different. The direct quote is ->


"Daryl Morey tells us coaching staff's goals and GM's goals don't align"

Taken singularly, none of this means a rift between Morey and Mchale. Taken as a whole, it can be generally assumed, well i'm assuming it, that Morey and Mchale have TWO very different ways of doing business.

If we looked at data, and i'm sure Morey does. Why wouldn't Morey have suggested someone other than Morris and Patterson being the PF. I'm sure Morey has given the data to mchale. I've always assumed it was some form of seniority. That's why the rookies didn't get any playtime. That was until Robinson. Okay, try him out. But trying him out twice? Isn't the method to send him to d-league first? Why didn't Terrence Jones or Donatas see any playing time when we were getting blown outThe only reason to play Robinson is to tell the owner, Alexander. "Look, see, Morey doesn't know what he's doing".

That's exactly what Mchale wants. After training all these PFs, he's sick to see them leave him. And he's sick of Morey. He was a celtic. Very big on loyalty. He practically skewered the Timberwolves trade; orchestrated the KG trade for his dear celtics.

And now he's looking to take out Morey. But Morey is calmly complacent. Grabbing Harden solidified his position. He had his contract extended and is still hoping to win Mchale to his way. It's Mchale who's under the gun to prove Moreyfail. If mchale hasn't turned around by the time the coach's contract is up, Morey will recommend another coach to hire.

Personally, I think we're looking at the death throes and thrashing of flailing coach, desperate to prove something with the only tool available to him which is allocation of minutes.

If I am not mistaken, TRob will be sent to d-league very soon. As soon as Morey cuts either honeycutt or garcia to grab a swingman that can play eihter 3 or 4.

There are a lot of things that don't make sense about Mchale's behavior.

----------------3/3/2013 update-------------



Quote from CF forum:

I think he is referring to this:




Patrick played really well and made some big shots when we needed them. He played good defense. Jeremy played very good defense, too. We had good guard play tonight from both guys.
But I don't think McHale said anything negative about Lin there-- specifically praised Lin too. And to be honest, Bev did great vs. Orlando and nothing wrong with going with the hot hand.

Lin probably is tired of hearing people talking about how Beverley's D is better than his.

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