Fun look at on/off court and lineups

This isn't meant to draw total conclusions, as there are plenty of other factors that goes into this, but some interesting general observation looking through BR's on/off court and lineups for the Rockets so far.

1. James Harden cough up a lot of points on defense : among players that is on the floor a lot, he's clearly the worst in this regard, the team give up 5 more points when he's on the floor than when he's not per 100 possession, that's not only worse than anyone on the team who had any sort of real minutes this year, it's also considerably worse than.. *gulp* Kobe Bryant. doing a quick look around of the usual suspects, only Raptor version Rudy Gay seem to be worse than that.

2. Patrick Beverly saves a lot of points on defense : on the flip side the team gives up an amazing 7 less points per 100 pt when PB is on the floor, which is good center territory, of course match ups plays a role into all this but it's still pretty amazing. (team gives up about 1.5 more with Lin on the floor.) part of it is him fouling a lot though, so not sure how this would work if he plays 30 min instead. he has by far the best on/off court split of anyone on the team,

(though one should take this in the context that all 3 of Harden / Lin / Parsons are around -3 to -4.5 on this while PB is close to +10)

3. The guy who leads the most in terms of increasing team's scoring when he's on the court is interestingly Deflino. followed by Dmo and Smith.

4. Remember how we kept saying that they need to stack Harden / Lin minutes? well Lin's played 2328 mins this season and only 369.5 minutes without Harden at his side. so yeah there's something to that. as only 16% of Lin's minutes so far this year have been without Harden, and he's played in 3 more games. so the games where Harden's available and not playing with Lin is even less.

5. Smith have played almost zero minute together with Asik before last night.

6. I had thought that Smith + Lin's combo would show better results , but in fact it hasn't in 300+ min so far.

7. The Harden + Lin and Harden + Parsons are unsurprisingly the 2 most common 2 man matchup we used so far by a mile, but they're not particularly good in terms of results as compare to when the combo is not there. though the difference is fairly small and we could probably cough this up to matchup and sample size (since these 2 combo makes up the largest share of the sample.)

Again, it's hard to draw definite conclusion from these, but I guess Harden probably needs to work on his D and Patrick Beverly is pretty awesome in his current role right now are two obvious points.

The final observation may be that our bench is actually really really good, because if we assume most of the time Bench units would be playing against bench units, this probably explain why 2 man combos like Bev + Anderson or Bev + Dmo is the best on the team.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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